Casual Version of Gloomhaven Coming to Stores Next Year

Published: October 7, 2019 5:51 PM /


Gloomhaven Casual Version

Cooperative tabletop game Gloomhaven is set to gain access to a wider audience. After the game’s designer and publisher Isaac Childres hinted at a new update about Gloomhaven, it was announced during a panel at SHUX that next year the game will be available in stores. It will come with a 24-scenario campaign and a price tag ranging from $40 to $50. According to a Twitter post, Childres described the upcoming release as a casual version “with the barrier to entry made as low as possible.”

Gloomhaven is a tabletop game.

The price for the impending retail release sounds like a significant deal. A new copy of the original Gloomhaven currently costs $104.14 on Amazon, and that’s promoted as a discount. (The list price is recorded as $140.) Amazon also offers a pre-owned copy for slightly less. 


Besides the price drop, the game will contain new content. On Twitter, Childres adds that the 2020 retail edition of Gloomhaven will include four new characters:

  • Quatryl Demolitionist will specialize in obstacle manipulation and melee damage

  • Human Necromancer will be in charge of healing and summoning

  • Inox Hatchet will deal ranged damage

  • Valrath Red Guard can do crowd control and serve as a tank

The casual version of Gloomhaven will include four new characters.


Originally a successfully funded Kickstarter project, Gloomhaven was published in 2017 to critical acclaim. It received many favorable reviews and earned several awards, including SXSW’s 2018 Tabletop Game of the Year. According to IGN, about 120,000 copies of Gloomhaven have been sold. It already has a digital adaptation in the works. Developed by Flaming Fowl Studios and published by Asmodee Digital, players can try Gloomhaven in early access on Steam.


Have you tried Gloomhaven before? Do you plan to check out its new casual edition when it hits stores next year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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