Brandon Sanderson Announces Stormlight TTRPG

Published: September 22, 2022 3:51 PM /


Promotional screenshot of the Stormlight TTRPG announcement

A Stormlight TTRPG is coming. This marks the second major TTRPG adaptation of fantasy author Brandon Sanderson's work, the last one being the Mistborn Adventure Game. While details are scarce about this TTRPG production, they do illustrate a marked change in direction for this adaptation.

What do we know about the Stormlight TTRPG?

The Stormlight TTRPG was officially announced on Sanderson's official YouTube channel last Tuesday. On the show, Sanderson spoke with several developers on the project art director Isaac Stewart and Johnny O' Neal from Brotherwise Games. The latter is especially of note. Brotherwise Games are behind multiple successful crowdfunding projects such as the deck-building dungeon crawler, Call to Arms, and the retro-inspired card game Boss Monster. But their most recent project is for Stormlight Premium Miniatures, a set of high-quality miniatures based on characters from Sanderson's novels. It has currently raised $2,286,779, completely overtaking its goal of $50,000. That number is expected to rise before the campaign ends on October 13. In fact, Stewart and O' Neal's time on Sanderson's show was showing off the detail and quality of those miniatures.

It isn't until the last ten minutes of Sanderson's 2-hour show that the Stormlight TTRPG was officially announced. It was announced with a quick, 15-second trailer showing off dice, miniatures, and a rough release date of 2024.

Promotional artwork of a Stormlight Premium Miniature
Apparently this figure is a Kickstarter exclusive.

Brotherwise Games' involvement does reveal a few things about the Stormlight TTRPG. First, since the Mistborn Adventure Game was published by Crafty Games, it is unlikely that this new adaptation will share mechanics. Furthermore, this continued partnership with Brotherwise Games reinforces Sanderson's personal ethos when it comes to managing his fantasy series. To paraphrase a statement from his video, he doesn't want to just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, but reinforce the mantra of "fewer things better."

At time of writing there are no other details about the Stormlight TTRPG. There is nothing concrete about what rules system the game will use or if this will be going to crowdfunding or straight to retail. However, both O' Neal and Stewart mentioned that they will be listening to feedback from fans regarding recommendations for systems or ideas.


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