Brotherwise Returns To Call To Adventure With Epic Origins

Published: November 18, 2021 2:40 PM /


Featured box art for Call to Adventure

Fans of high-fantasy board games might be familiar with Brotherwise Games' hero-crafting game, Call to Adventure. It was successfully crowdfunded back in 2018, and stood out with its "rune rolling" system which encouraged roleplaying. Along with that RPG emphasis, Call to Adventure stands out as an award-winning tabletop game with several expansions under its belt. One of those expansions includes a crossover with fantasy author Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archives series. Now, Brotherwise has returned to Kickstarter with a brand new expansion for the game, Call to Adventure: Epic Origins.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, Call to Adventure: Epic Origins is a standalone expansion for the hero-crafting adventure game. The game is meant for one-to-four players. Everyone starts with an Origin and a Heritage card. From there, they pick their class then go on quests to gain XP and level up. Players compete among each other to get the most Destiny points, which are tallied together between their Triumph, Tragedy, and Experience points earned. In addition, players must work together to defeat the Adversary, an overarching Big Bad Evil Guy who grows in power parallel to the heroes.

A close up of the card art for Call to Adventure Epic Origins
We all start somewhere, and this does look suitably epic.

However, as the campaign repeats, everyone who plays the game ends up making a hero worthy of legend. In fact, one of the biggest draws with Call to Adventure: Epic Origins is that if you have grown especially attached to the character you created, there is a DnD 5e conversion guide included for you to bring the character into a tabletop RPG. For returning players of the original, this expansion will also include several quality of life updates including new persistent Heritage powers, a brand new multi-session solo/co-op campaign mode, and double-sided Adversary cards.

The Kickstarter backer tiers for Call to Adventure: Epic Origins are as follows. $40 gets you the standalone expansion along with all stretch goals. $60 gets you the deluxe edition of the expansion complete with magnetic clasp game box and 250 custom card sleeves. $95 gets you everything in the Deluxe Edition including a neoprene mat and premium foam set into the playbox. Finally, the highest tier at $200 gets you everything mentioned below as well as the Call to Adventure base game and all of its expansions. The Kickstarter campaign has more than quintupled its goal of $50,000 with $278,979 at time of writing, and will conclude December 3 2021.


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