Privateer Press' Simon Berman at Gen Con 2014

We got the chance to sit down with Simon Berman at Gen Con 2014 to ask him about all of the games he's worked on with Privateer Press'

Published: September 11, 2014 2:37 PM /


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Privateer Press has been all over the place with new and exciting releases.  Their flagship game, Warmachine, is eleven years old now and they've gotten used to having big releases at GenCon and this year was no exception. 

hile there was nothing new for Warmachine, its counterpart, Hordes, had a slew of prereleases ready to buy.  I got the chance to catch up with Simon Berman, the company’s Marketing Coordinator, at GenCon and talk about some of Privateer Press’ new products.

Simon Berman at Gen Con 2014

Beyond the miniatures game, PP also had a new book for the roleplaying game that started it all, Iron Kingdoms.  The  Monsternomicon is a fully illustrated creature guide for the world setting.  Like all of the IK books, there’s a lot in there for any fan of the world including background info and stats for over 40 monsters.

Another new chunk of the IK games is the release of the new High Command cards.  High Command: Faith and Fortune brings some of the most beloved Warmachine factions into the popular card game.  In the video Simon lets it drop that there is a new Warcaster in the High Command deck that is an upcoming model in the miniatures game. 

We didn't bring it up in the video, but the first expansion for Faith and Fortune was also at GenCon and there is a card in there that looks an awful lot like epic Ashlynn.  Also for fans of the Iron Kingdoms, PP had a demo of their new video game, Warmachine: Tactics.  After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the game is ready to roll out in the fourth quarter of this year. 

Finally, the third part of the Level 7 series takes the board game to a global scale.  Level 7: Invasion was out and ready to demo at the con with plenty of copies for purchase.

Just like every year, the Privateer Press showing was impressive.  I made off with plenty of new stuff that we’ll be reviewing on the site in the coming weeks.  If you were there, I hope you got a chance to stop by.  If you didn't get a chance to attend this year, everything they had will be in stores before 2015.

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