FFG's Anton Torres at Gen Con 2014

Gen Con 2014 is here and we've been lucky enough to grab a chance to chat with Fantasy Flight Games' Anton Torres at Gen Con 2014.

Published: August 19, 2014 1:30 PM /


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GenCon is a huge source of news for just about everyone involved in the gaming industry. Industry titan Fantasy Flight Games is no exception to this and they had plenty to share. This year, we were fortunate to snag ourselves an interview with international marketing manager Anton Torres to discuss some of the announcements from the Minnesota based publisher.

Fantasy Flight Games' Anton Torres at Gen Con 2014

New Products

In the interview, we were able to gain a whole new wealth of information about the upcoming year for Fantasy Flight Games. We were introduced to a great deal of completely new IPs such as:

  • X-Com: Enemy Unknown. This game will feature a digital application that is necessary for it’s play and is a four player cooperative game. The app will help you to keep track of the game state as well as making sure that timed options are made to be intense and force quick thinking, it will also serve as a tutorial the first time you play it.
  • The Witcher Adventure Board Game. A game that was developed closely with CD Projekt Red, this game lets you take on the roles of Geralt and his companions as you each strive to complete quests and save the world. Each player takes on a different role, each having different strengths and weaknesses. Geralt for example can brew potions and is better at fighting. Although in our playthrough while playing Geralt, Andrew showed he makes a better editor than a witcher.
  • Star Wars Armada. As an X-Wing fan, this news was huge! Armada’s entire first wave has been spoiled and it is all very exciting. Whereas X-Wing shows off the finesse and quickness pilots must have in a dogfight, Armada will take the game to a slower pace as you command fleets to do battle in which only one can emerge victorious.
  • Star Wars Imperial Assault. Imperial Assault is a game using the Descent engine where players battle as Rebels and Imperials trying to clear a base or defend one depending on the factions chosen. Included with this game will be a second rulebook allowing for competitive play between players. This will be supported through organized play kits as will Star Wars Armada.


FFG didn’t just tease us with completely new lines however, and a whole new assortment of expansions for their already established lines!

  • Where would a FFG article be if I didn’t talk about X-Wing? Besides being told not to fret over the existence of Imperial huge ships, we were also told about the upcoming Wave 6 for X-Wing. It’s not new ships for Empire and Rebellion, however, as we see a full scale emergence of the galaxy’s Scum and Villainy onto the scene!
  • For the board game Eldritch Horror we see a chilling development as we head to Antarctica in the Mountains of Madness expansion!
  • X-Wing Mission Command is a completely free app coming later in 2014 that allows you to build squadrons, track collections, and build missions.

So there you have it gamers. If you’re looking for a conceptual horse to back, look no further than any of these great upcoming products from Fantasy Flight Games. I just want to once again thank Anton for his time and clear passion for these games and invite you to check out these games and more in the future.

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