To the Green: Tiny Robot Justice Squad

Published: February 20, 2015 11:00 AM /


To The Green Tiny Robot Justice Squad

To The Green is our weekly look at one game on Steam Greenlight trying to get onto Steam. With To The Green, we hope to highlight one worthy game each week that is attempting to get greenlit and let you decide if it is something you’d be interested in trying out.

After missing last week due to some stuff going on (sorry!) we’re back with a look at another game currently caught up in the backlog of Steam’s Greenlight service. This week we’re going to the realm of action-platformers and arena shooters with Tiny Robot Justice Squad!

In the 28th century humanity has abandoned the Earth as their robot creations have gained sentience. At first, time passed peacefully, but now the former bean curd processing plant super computer ZEROV has raised the robots in anger against their former overlords. Promising revenge and a chance to explore the galaxy, ZEROV has recruited many different robots, from household butlers to military destructo bots, to his cause to wipe out the few humans on Earth and take off to the stars.

There’s only one thing standing between ZEROV, his allies and his twisted (bean-curd inspired?) creations – a select group of robots who exist to stop robot-on-robot violence. A rag-tag taskforce of robots who want to stop villains, they are the Robot Justice Squad!

Tiny Robot Justice Squad!

They might be smaller, they might not have the wealth or numbers that ZEROV’s bots have, but they have something that the heinous villain ZEROV cannot understand. They have the power of plucky determination, flexibility, and the knowledge that if they fail no one else will be able to stop the evil robots. So, inspired, they take up the mantle of JUSTICE and prepare to shoot up robots in the name of stopping robot on robot violence and protect their fellow robo citizens and humankind.

In Tiny Robot Justice Squad, you play as one of three characters each of which have different abilities that you can upgrade over time. You gain skill points by completing special level challenges as you go through and shoot away with 12 different guns like laser guns, rocket launchers, double laser guns, and more. As you destroy enemies you can take their energy and use it either to upgrade your weapons or to unleash it in a massive area of effect energy burst.

Inspired by SNES/Genesis era shooters like Contra and Smash TV, Tiny Robot Justice Squad has 7 different levels and to advance through them you do platforming, arena shooting, and defeat bosses. Signal Pods summon waves to your location, and you have to find and destroy them to move past a wave but ZEROV is willing to send more in his deviously evil approach to defeat you. The game uses ludicrous amount of explosions – enough to make Michael Bay blush – with each enemy exploding at least four times due to its Explosionification technology.

Angry Robot

Tiny Robot Justice Squad is designed by Mind Relay, a one man indie company that is a registered Community Interest Company, a special type of non-profit in the United Kingdom. In layman’s terms what that means is that all the money it earns goes to charity – in this case GamesAid – to help disabled and disadvantaged kids. While games supporting charity is not new (this past year has featured a plethora with things like This War of Mine donating to War Childs, Sony donating to Save the Children, Playstation Heroes coming out soon, Awesome Games Done Quickly, Extra Life and many, many more.…) this is believed to be the first registered Community Interest game design company.

The developer does ask everyone to judge it on its own merits, and a project should be able to stand on its own two feet. But if you do think it’s worth your time to vote yes for, you might feel just a bit happier knowing that it supports a worthy cause.

Tiny Robot Justice Squad is currently on Steam Greenlight and has a demo planned in the near future for people to try out. It also has a trailer which we’re happy to include below.

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