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Published: April 9, 2019 1:00 PM /


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We started our journey in the Batman Miniature Game with the League of Assassins Demon's Heir Bat-Box. We felt like some things were missing from the Bat-Box in terms of a starter product, but Knight Models were already on the case. They sent us a copy of their brand new Batman Miniature Game 2-player Starter Set, The Dark Knight Rises. The set is everything we want from a 2-player starter set and fits in with Start Collecting perfectly.

In this article we'll unbox the product, have a look at the constructed miniatures and talk about why it's such a good starter set product.


Batman Miniature Game Dark Knight Rises Start Set Unboxing

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The Batman Miniature Game, Dark Knight Rises 2-Player starter set is a fantastic starter product, the only item you will need is a range ruler/tape measure to play, everything else is included in the box.

Dark Knight Rises Miniatures

The 2-player starter set contains two different forces, Batman and the GCPD and Bane and his Mercenaries and the rules for all.

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On Batman's side, the set contains Batman, Catwoman, (a bonus Alfred might be included in your set) and 3 GCPD Police Officers. The Tumbler can be used by either Batman or the Merenaries and includes the rules for both.


The Batpod includes Catwoman and Batman miniatures that can be used and the rules for both. Veteran hobbyists will want to magnetize the two miniatures and the Batpod to allow it to be used for both. Gluing the miniature onto the Batpod means that you won't be able to swap between them.

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On Bane's side, it includes Bane, Talia Al Ghul, Barsad, 2 Mercenaries and the Tumbler. Bane and the Mercenaries all have the Bane and League of Assassins affiliation so can be expanded into either.


All of the miniatures contain very fine detail, so removing the excess resin during cleaning can be tricky and care must be taken. All of the character miniatures fit together well, with grooves and nubs allowing easy attachment of arms and equipment. The Batpod also fits together well, but the central support does require some care as it's very delicate. The Tumbler was more tricky to get together. Some of the connections aren't flush, so gluing isn't straight-forward and some hobbycraft is required to get it all together. It is a solid block of resin, and will look great when painted up.

Dark Knight Rises Rules and Accessories

The Batman Miniature Game, The Dark Knight Rises 2-player set includes a Fast Play Rulebook to get players straight into the game. We've covered the introductory rules in our previous article, so we won't go into too much detail here. The Dark Knight Rises booklet contains 6 scenarios, that slowly build up the model count and rules complexity to bring players into the game. It's a great way of bringing players gently in, before they can expand to the full rules, which are available on the Knight Models website for free.

The set also includes dice, templates and all the counters you need to play. It also has two handy quick reference sheets, with the rules and trait information for the miniatures included in the set. The character cards for the miniatures contain the trait information on the back, but the quick reference cards are very handy as you won't have to keep flipping the card over to check rules.


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To help you get playing, the box also contains a fold out play mat and two card buildings. We were most impressed by the buildings, which are reversible, for two different themes. They are also stackable, to make one large building and the roofs come off easily, to allow you to fight inside them. The building also come apart without wearing them, to allow for easy transport. In a game where cover and height are essential, these are great inclusions to stop beginners simply playing on a flat surface.

The Batman Miniature Game, The Dark Knight Rises 2-player starter set is a great entry product for the game. It has everything 2 players need to get started and everything is beginner friendly. The set is thematic throughout and captures the feel of Nolan's setting well.

Veteran BMG players might also like the set for the miniatures and buildings, especially now that vehicles have been introduced. For a game that focuses on movement, cover and buildings, it will be interesting to see how vehicles impact the game itself and change how players play and create their lists.


We'll cover this in more detail, along with how the characters play and how balanced they are against each other in a future article, where we'll look more in-depth at the starter set.


This copy of the Batman Miniature Game, The Dark Knight Rises 2-Player Starter Set was provided by Knight Models.

What do you think of the set? How do you think vehicles will impact the game? What do you think of the miniatures? Let us know in the comments below.

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