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Published: April 5, 2015 4:26 PM /


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Happy Easter everyone! It's time for yet another Screenshot Survey. Indeed, every Saturday game developers from around the world take a break from coding and testing to post tweets featuring screenshots of whatever they happen to be working on at the time. Every week, stories are already being forged about the next great indie hits and hidden gems. Almost every week in the Screenshot Survey, we impart just a few of those tales.

We start off the Easter Sunday Screenshot Survey with a rabbit themed stage from Metal Monster Tactics, a strategy game from Storm Free Studio out of Brazil. Other than the convenient theming, I like the designs of all the robotic units and the clever and descriptive names they have. Everything looks really sharp for a game early in development with crude polygonal graphics.

From a game just starting development to a game that is just about to sell copies, Bunker Punks is a procedural FPS that straddles the graphical line beautifully between Minecraft voxels and pixel based sprites. The game launches on the Humble store this coming Tuesday and has some former AAA talent behind it. It is yet another roguelike, but there is still room to breathe for FPS roguelikes, and you're always hopeful for another Ziggeraut level experience in the genre.

Has there been a video game already that is straight up titled Murder? Much like Bulletstorm, it seems to be one of those names that everyone probably assumed was already taken. Anyway, Murder is a point and click adventure that looks to already be ahead of the game with its ridiculously detailed backgrounds. Take the player character out of that scene and I wouldn't be surprised to be able to walk around in it in first person. Just excellent work on display here.

Setting yourself on fire in most video games and in real life will cause pain, suffering, and the loss of precious hit points. Setting yourself on fire in Breakers Yard does just the opposite by granting players invincibility. This gives players the ability to run around screaming like that one guy in the flame retardant suit in action films. Also it apparently makes cars explode. All of this is an appealing concept. Breakers Yard is a slick little duel stick shooter currently making its way through Steam Greenlight, and it hopefully features even more creative power-ups than this one.

Finally for this week's Screenshot Survey, we have a shot of Ruby & Lloyd from SuperGlad, which joins Dropsy in the burgeoning sub-genre of adventure games that focus on solving problems with kindness. The characters in the game are free to wander and platform around a realm of dreams, eventually gaining the ability to control their surroundings. I'm a sucker for talking teddy bears and Calvin and Hobbes, so add all that in with an art style that is good enough to be appearing on Cartoon Network during the new season, and you have a surefire winner of a concept.

Are there any games with developers posting on Twitter that you’re looking forward to? What other cute and cuddly adventure games are out there? Answer these questions and more in the comments below, and check back next week for another Screenshot Survey!

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