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Doomtrooper Battle Art

Doomtrooper is an old collectible card game that's been out of print for some time. The game did pretty well for a card game that didn't end in "Oh!" or "Gathering" in its heydey, so much so that it received a video game adaptation for the SNES. Based on the Mutant Chronicles pen & paper RPG, the CCG is getting a bit of new life breathed into it by way of a crowdfunding campaign that seeks to bring this classic into the digital era.

A project of Secret Cow Level and Cabinet EntertainmentDoomtrooper has made the rounds with a playable demo at the Rooster Teeth Expo and PAX West. Now the project has made its way onto Kickstarter in the hopes of breathing a bit of life into an old classic.

Gameplay is somewhat straightforward. You have a squad of Warriors and so does your opponent. You can add more Warriors to your squad by spending Destiny Points. These Warriors attack your opponent which earns you Promotion Points. Along the way, you can add in Support cards (cities, vehicles, and the like that enhance your team), Attachments (such as weapons for your Warriors), Powers (varying abilities that can affect the game in different ways), and Fate (which can temporarily adjust stats or enact a special event, sometimes turning the tide of the battle in your favor). If you make better use of your cards than the other guy and earn 25 Promotion Points, you win the game! The developers did a launch stream at the end of September 2017 which shows off some of the gameplay and card mechanics in the bare bones version of the game they've created:

There are quite a few pledge levels for the Doomtrooper Kickstarter. A handful of spaces remain in the $15 Locked And Loaded (Early Bird) tier which grants 10 digital packs, a founder card back, and beta access in the first round. Once those last few have been stepped up, the next cheapest option is the Locked And Loaded tier with the same goodies at $20. The $30 limited Faction Loyalty (Early Bird) tier gives you 10 digital packs, beta access in the first round, a faction card back, a faction avatar, a variant art card, a founder card back, and a faction title. Once the last few of those are sold out, the Faction Loyalty tier is the next best option at $40. The limited $60 Founder Supply Crate (Early Bird) tier has 20 digital card packs, first-round beta access, a Kickstarter avatar, a founder card back, a founder title, a Classic Doomtrooper variant art card, a faction title, and a Classic Doomtrooper logo card back.

A few options are available for those who'd like to splurge a little bit and really clean up. The $200 THE COLLECTOR tier is the best option to get all of the digital goodies you could hope for in the game. It gives you everything in the Supply Crate tier, all seven exclusive faction packs, special thanks in the credits, and alpha access in addition to first-round beta access. The $600 Super Fan tier is available to two people maximum and both slots are still available. It gives you a founder card back, alpha & beta access, the classic Doomtrooper variant art card, a faction avatar, 20 digital packs, a faction card back, a faction title, a faction variant art card, a Kickstarter Avatar, a founder title, special thanks in the credits, and your name added to the game's lore.

Two options remain for the big spenders out there. Two out of the three limited Designer tier slots are open at $2,500 - this grants you an "Additional Design" credit, 20 digital packs, a founder card back, a classic Doomtrooper variant art card, a Kickstarter avatar, alpha & beta access, a founder title, a faction card back, a faction avatar, a faction variant art card, a faction title, a classic Doomtrooper logo card back, special thanks in the credits, access to the private #design channel, and the ability to work with the developers to design a card. Lastly, two out of two Executive Producer slots are open for a $10,000 pledge - it grants everything in the previous titles, an executive producer credit in the game, and regular updates from the dev team on the game's progress - along with the ability to throw in a little feedback of your own.

Doomtrooper Vince Diamond art
Cards in Doomtrooper will have variant art options such as these two different portraits of character Vince Diamond.

A few add-ons are out there for people who would like to get a little extra without breaking the bank. Players can get 20 packs by upping their pledge by $20. A pin is available for $10, a t-shirt is available for $25, and a hoodie is available for $50.

As for Stretch Goals, the $20,000 goal (which adds Hearthstone-style crafting of destroying cards to make new ones) and $25,000 goal (which adds daily quests, login rewards, and special quests that can allow you to earn powerful cards) have already been unlocked. Next up at $30,000 is Practice Mode which will allow you to learn the game by playing against a simple AI. There's room for more stretch goals as the campaign winds down, but that's it for the ones that have been named so far.

Getting into the CCG business can be a tough sell, but Doomtrooper seeks to build on an existing legacy and clean it up with the trappings of a modern digital card game. They've nearly made double of their initial $15,000 goal, and if this seems like the kind of project you'd like to support you should swing on over to their Kickstarter campaign and consider giving them a pledge. The Kickstarter campaign for Doomtrooper ends on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, at 11:01 AM Eastern Time.

Did you ever have the chance to play the classic Doomtrooper card game? What do you think of the attempt to make a digital version of the game? Do you think they'll be able to stand up to CCG juggernauts like Hearthstone and Gwent? Let us know in the comments below!

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