Mold on Pizza Review - Claim your pizza!

Mold on Pizza Review - Claim your pizza!

Published: January 25, 2015 12:00 PM /


mold on pizza

Quirky, cute and unique, Mold on Pizza is a fun little mobile game in which a mold and it's friends battle preservatives to claim some pizza as their own.  Available for iOS and Android, Mold on Pizza is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases from BTNcafe.   [embed]http://[/embed] Play as Pang, a pizza loving little mold spore who wants nothing more than to make his home on a tasty slice of za in Mold on Pizza.  Unfortunately, the pizza is already occupied by armies of preservatives who don't take too kindly to mold kind around their slice.  With the help of his friends, Pang fights the preservatives to claim the pizza one cheesey inch at a time. The story is simple and quirky. The cutesy, manga art style is fitting and well done.  Players will encounter 52 different types of mold and preservatives as they battle through 8 different stages  of topping laden environments. The game does a good job of teaching you how to play.  The mechanics are the right combination of simple and challenging which makes for good mobile gaming.  Levels are quick, ranging from seconds to minutes, although grinding to upgrade stats and improve rankings will keep you playing for longer. mold on pizza Choose your roster of mold units and hit the sauce strewn battlefield.  Moisture is the only resource players have to worry about.  Gain moisture as you attack preservatives and spend it to place more mold units on the battlefield. Controls are simple, tap to select the type of mold you want and then tap the map where you want them placed.  If you hold down your finger, more of the selected unit type will keep spawning, as long as you have enough moisture to pay for them.  Tap on an already placed mold unit to activate a short term special ability that also costs moisture. In this tower offense game, the little molds bounce across over-moist pizza destroying enemies and their spawn buildings until they've claimed all the territory. Moisture is key for building a mold army in Mold on Pizza.  Collect moisture from attacking and defeating enemies and their buildings.  Once you've powered up the humidifier with moisture, you can place an extra set of super-powered troops. mold on pizza 8 stages are won over multiple territory battles.  Loose all your ground in a battle and the molds must concede defeat.  A big bad preservative boss awaits at the end of every stage. Fun and interesting challenge levels will change things up every few battles. Standard mobile-app issues apply to Mold on Pizza.  Sometimes the game will crash and most irritatingly the AI often leaves a few units, friendly or enemy, stuck on an environment feature stranded somewhere on the map.  And of course there are in-app purchases. In-app purchases use the standard routine of purchasing in-game currency, in this case pickles, to buy special items from the shop.  While purchasing items and upgrades will certainly give players an advantage, they aren't neccessary to make it through the game. mold on pizza The difficulty of each level definetely ramps up as you go with more units to choose from and more enemy types to combat.  Straight forward gameplay paired with an element of strategy gives this mobile game a lot of replay value. Gamers who favor elements of RTS and tower defense/offense games should give Mold on Pizza a try.  Those who like cute, quirky story and art such as Demons vs. Fairyland may enjoy this game as well. Mold on Pizza is available to download for free at Googleplay or the App Store from BTNcafe. This game was downloaded by the reviewer and played on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Mold on Pizza has some glitches but it's a unique game with a quirky theme that's fun to play.

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