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Published: October 10, 2022 11:30 AM /

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Monster in Summoners War: Chronicles

If you're looking for a fun, colorful, and well-balanced RPG that can always be in your pocket, you should definitely check out Summoners War: Chronicles. At New York Comic Con, we went hands-on with a Summoners War: Chronicles preview to get a better look at the story, art direction, gameplay, and what sets this game apart from other RPGs in the crowded segment.

What we found was a very fun and approachable game that's not only perfect for the 100 million+ players who invested their time in the original Summoners War over the years, but also for newcomers who are looking to try their hand at an action RPG. Read on to check out our full thoughts from our NYCC Summoners War: Chronicles preview.

Gotta Catch All the Monsters?

The Summoners War: Chronicles plot is simple enough to understand at its core: play as one of three characters, a Paladin, Mage, or Cleric, and explore a vast region as you uncover the mysteries of the story. As players progress, they can summon monsters to fight alongside them, each with unique abilities and different strengths. There are over 1,000 monsters to collect, and seemingly endless combinations to find what works best for your specific play style and what challenges lay ahead. 

We spoke with COM2US USA Director of Game Publishing Gary Park as we demoed Summoners War: Chronicles, and he talked to us a lot about the importance of building a community and ensuring people can play together. 

"It's surprising how mobile games can bring community together," Park said. "Our first game had over 120 million downloads. We're expanding on the lore of the game and building on our strong community."

There's a strong focus on multiplayer with up to six people playing together at once, and if you're looking to level grind or get through interactions that you may be a bit too high level for, there's a simple mode you can turn on to make things a bit easier... 

Heroes in Summoners War: Chronicles

Leveled Up? Try Out the Summoners War: Chronicles Auto Battle Mode

Summoners War: Chronicles does offer an auto battle mechanic that allows you to automate much of the combat and traversal of the game. However, some key areas must be conquered manually, and most everything in the game needs to be tackled by a player directly controlling their hero first before they're able to access the auto battle function. 

This is an extremely helpful feature, and one I even turned on during my short time testing out the game so I could see how my hero interacted with the environment while I spoke with the development team and took notes. As a mobile game that can be played everywhere from couches to toilets to waiting rooms and anywhere else you may bring a phone or tablet, this makes the game incredibly versatile. You can still play, battle, and progress without feeling like you're ignoring company, and it's a perfect option for those who like to multitask while watching a show or movie. Some enemy encounters will require a bit more strategy, however, so the auto battle function is best reserved for areas that you're properly levelled for. 

Summoners War: Chronicles Preview Final Thoughts

Summoners War has been a highly successful IP in the mobile space for many years now, and Summoners War: Chronicles thoughtfully expands on the lore of the original game while providing players with new regions to explore and many monsters to discover.

Those looking for an action RPG that is accessible and user-friendly for new players should definitely check out Summoners War: Chronicles.

Summoners War: Chronicles was previewed on an iPad at New York Comic Con. 

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