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The Ables Preview

The Ables: Freepoint High, a game brought to you by Team Qiwi and SinsMedia, is about to hit Steam Early Access. After their amazing effort to get Greenlit in only 5 days, the game is available for people to try out. We were lucky to try out a bit of the game in its alpha version and let you know what it's all about. The game is based upon the story of The Ables, written by Jeremy Scott co-creator of CinemaSins, about a school for children with super powers. In this game you play the role of Alex or Emily, and your power is the power to absorb other people's powers. 

The Ables - Level Select
Which friend will you want to save first? When more are available of course...

The alpha of the game included a tutorial level allowing you to get a grasp of all of the powers that you would be experiencing in the game, a beginning level setting up the premise of the game, and one of the 8 playable stages that you will experience throughout the game. During this alpha there was also only one power available at a time, but all of them will be available to switch through as you gather them throughout the game normally. While this alpha showed that there was still a fair way to go in the game's development, it looks like there will be a pretty interesting looking final product.

The story was left to a minimum for the alpha, but the gameplay was where The Ables showed the most promise. The powers that you will come across as you play are: flight, fire, invisibility, super speed, morph, eye lasers, and super strength. Each of these powers will be obtained after completing a level and defeating the boss character guarding your captured school friend. On top of these powers you will also be getting a set of special gloves that let you fire out your punches. This is a formula that we have seen before, most noticeably in the Megaman franchise, but that doesn't diminish the enjoyment that is to be had. The controls are simple and worked very well for the game. There was still a bit left to be desired, but there was no extreme precision required so there was no real penalty.

The Ables - Shooting
Take on all manner of foes with your powers, or even your projectiles.

The Early Access copy that will be out today is going to be adding important features, such as a leveling system for your and your powers, better sounds and stability, much tighter controls, and even two new levels. The levels will allow you to complete and gain the fireball power from Becca and the power of super strength from Tali.

This is a game that certainly has a way to go but has a fun sounding story and a set of interesting powers to use as you fight for the freedom of your super powered friends. If you are a fan of platforming games, specifically from the Megaman franchise, then I would recommend looking into this game. If you're on the fence then maybe wait until a bit more news is out about The Ables.

What do you think of The Ables: Freepoint High? Are you interested in this style of game? Will you be picking it up for early access? or waiting?

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