What Would It Take To Relax, Talk About PC Gaming, And Win E3?

Published: June 8, 2017 9:00 AM /


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Returning for their third year holding a conference at E3 on the 12th of June, PC Gamer will be hosting the PC Gaming Show once again. Last year from their conference we saw a new line of Radeon graphics cards, Dawn of War III footage, and plenty more from the realms of VR, established franchises, and indie titles. We know from PC Gamer Sean "Day9" Plott will once again be hosting the event.

Along with the announcement of their conference time and date, PC Gamer also revealed their list of sponsors including Intel, Bohemia Interactive, Tripwire Interactive, Cygames, and Nexon. From this list we can pretty easily guess that we're going to hear more about the following during the event:

Intel - After their first announcement of their i9 processor, it's expected that we will see more of how this device will perform and maybe even get a better idea of when it will be available and what kind of price we should be expecting to see.

Bohemia Interactive - Developers of the popular ARMA series last year unveiled ARMA III Apex, and after potential job listings made last year, if we're not going to see any more expansions for 2013's ARMA III then this might be Bohemia's chance to announce ARMA IV. If it's not a new ARMA title, then it could very well be more information about the standalone DayZ and when that title may be leaving early access.

Tripwire Interactive - After announcing Killing Floor Incursion, an Oculus enabled VR entry into the Killing Floor series last year, we have yet to hear any other information. With the growing VR market and the honest need for more AAA titles to hit the platform, this would be a welcome addition.

Cygames - With as large a success as Shadowverse has become on both mobile and desktop, it would be hard to see developers Cygames miss the opportunity to announce a new expansion to their incredibly popular CCG. With previous DLC packs releasing three months apart, the last of which released in March, a June/July release window for the next expansion would fall right in line with their trends.

Nexon - Working to host games as well as help publish some titles, we can expect Cliff Bleszinski's new title Lawbreakers that he has been developing with his new development company Boss Key Productions. After the end of their closed beta late last month, many fans will be eagerly awaiting either the release date or at least an open beta for a chance to play.

Outside of those announced to be sponsoring the events, not too much else is known about who will be presenting at the PC Gaming Show and what they're likely to be presenting. Some things that you might expect to see would be talk about Windows 10 in relation to gaming, as well as the more budget friendly VR headsets that seem to very slowly be coming to market, and large esport titles such as OverwatchLeague of Legends, and Counter-Strike may also make an appearance. PC Gamer themselves have stated this years show "will reflect innovations across the industry with increased VR and esports content."

Some other things that we're not expecting but would be interesting to see would be Star Citizen news or an update on Shroud of the Avatar, Richard Garriott's current kickstarted project. As always there has to be the obligatory joke about the Golden Snitch of PC announcements Half-Life 3—will it happen? Probably not, but what if it did? The collective Internet might just have a heart attack.

What do you expect to see coming from the PC Gaming Show at this year's E3? Is there anything that you'd like to see make an appearance? 

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