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Techraptor Halloween

Boo! It's that time of the year where we collectively find it acceptable to hang skeletons from our porches and pretend that candy corn isn't the worst candy ever. Halloween is here and to celebrate the best holiday of the year I've reached out to the staff and got their opinion on some of their favorite spooky games, found a few sales on titles you should check out to get in the spirit of the season, and played a handful of lesser known titles in the video below.  So without further ado, grab a handful of mini Snickers, turn off the lights, and take a long sip of that grande almond milk zombie frap, because it's time to get scared for fun.


Games To Keep You Up At Night

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

There's nothing quite like having an indomitable foe chasing you down in survival-horror games. Alien Isolation, Slender Man, and Outlast have captured this classic genre staple in their own great, scary ways, but no game has captured it quite like Resident Evil 3's namesake antagonist: Nemesis. His unpredictable, even unexpected appearances always leave you on edge, especially considering how the game's fixed camera angles will cause you to freeze in horror, wondering where he might be coming from as his terrifying theme begins to play. Combined with his preternatural speed, excessive health, and your truly limited supplies, this nightmarish creature defines sheer tension, making your final fights with him all the more challenging and  satisfying as you turn the tables on him: the hunter becomes the hunted. —Joey Thurmond

Cursed Mountain

A horror game in the vein of Resident Evil, taking place on a desolate Himalayan mountain in the 1980s, is a unique premise to be sure. Even more odd is the choice of the Nintendo Wii for the games sole system of release, but Cursed Mountain has a special charm to it that makes the game stand out among other horror titles of the day. The sense of isolation on a snow-topped mountain, the twinge of fear of nature juxtaposed to the haunting, moody environment rife with vengeful spirits rooted in Tibetan folklore alone is worth the price of tracking down the title, and in the grand scheme of Halloween nothing is more memorable than an underrated chiller. —Robert Grosso

Silent Hill

My favorite scary game is the PlayStation 1 classic, Silent Hill. What I loved most about it were the small bits of psychological horror like when you would go into a bathroom on one floor and walk out on a completely different floor. These kinds of things were disorienting and lead to even more panic while demon children were trying to kill me. —Sean Anthony


Perception - A horror game with a neat twist: You play as a blind woman. Unable to see normally, instead you need to use your cane to echo locate your way around the haunted house you're trapped in. Trying to discover your past while avoiding monsters you can't even see genuinely makes for a well done horror game. —Samuel Guglielmo

Resident Evil Remake

The Resident Evil Remake is one of my favorite games ever, let alone survival horror games. The atmosphere is palpable in every room, and the ferocious monsters within make sure that you really consider fight or flight. Be it insane traps, grotesque monsters or even ominous silence,Resident Evil Remake will throw everything it can at you to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. —Connor Foss

Costume Quest

Costume Quest is great, because in addition to trick or treating—whose first instinct ISN'T to run straight to candy?—you also get to power-up and fight bad guys. My favorite part is playing as a giant rainbow unicorn and stomping all over goblins until they get KOed from sparkles. You also have to save your sibling who is dressed as a piece of candy corn, which is absolutely hilarious. —Courtney Ehrenhofler

Dead By Daylight 

Every Halloween we think about the stereotypical ghost or the cackling witch, flying on her broom. Well, what about the horror classics like Michael Myers and Leather Face (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)? Do you remember these charming fellows? If you answered yes to this question, then Dead by Daylight should be part of your gaming collection. This multiplayer horror game relies on hunting or being hunted. Small maps with limited areas to hide, allow the player(s) to feel like they’re really being chased by a sadistic killer. Are you and your friends able to survive through Halloween? Only one way to find out. —Alex Parker

The Typing Of The Dead 

Yeah I know its not necessarily a "Scary" game (outside of that voice acting) but The Typing Of The Dead has become a scary experience for someone like me who unfortunately, never learned to properly type.  Picking the stupidest game of all time to break my hunt and peck habit has proven to be a frightful experience. —Nick Maillet

Found Footage

Alex and I decided to play some games for a halloween special of sorts and then make a supercut since we get lost way too much in these first person spookfests. Check it out!


Scary Good Deals 

Nothings scarier than draining that bank account on games, thanks to GOG and Green Man Gaming that doesn't need to be an issue.  More money = More candy November 1st.

Right now on the GOG Halloween Sale you can pick up Outlast 2Gabriel Knight, all the Walking Dead seasons, and hundreds more.  Also if you spend $15 you'll get Tales From The Borderlands for free.

At Green Man Gaming you can pick up the deluxe edition of the exceptional Fortnight for $39.99 as well as many other titles, and if you're a TechRaptor pack member you can increase the savings even more by using your membership benefits.  Think of it as a trick or treat from us.

If you're a console peasant like myself, you can pick up Resident Evil 7 for $30 on Green Man Gaming, and like I mentioned earlier, increase those savings by supporting TechRaptor and becoming a pack member.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is a special time of the year and as someone who spends all year waiting for the chance to freely buy pumpkin spice everything its always fun to play games to keep myself in the mood.  If you think we missed anything then let us know in the comments below.

Stay safe out there and have a spooky Halloween!

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Thank you great pumpkin!

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