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Shoestring Gaming – Aliens, Zombies and ... World Domination

Gaming article by Andrew Stretch on July 16, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Welcome to Shoestring Gaming, the weekly segment where we try to find some good deals on some great games so that you can keep on gaming while working within your budget. This week on Shoestring we have a couple of deals on some great games at Amazon, Gamersgate and lastly a couple of freebies from Origin and Hidden Path entertainment.

Alien: Isolation

The first big deal that I have for you is that Alien: Isolation on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are currently on sale. Alien: Isolation puts you in the shoes of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley from the movies, who is headed to a trading station when there is word of the flight recorder from the Nostromo. After you arrive on the trading station though, an unknown monster shows up and starts stalking you through the ship, and if it couldn't get any worse, the ship itself seems to have turned on you. This game will have you watching your back and every other direction too as you aim to avoid all threats while exploring the station to try to figure out what happened to your mother. This game will activate through your Steam account and if you'd like to know more then you can check out our review of it.

Typing of the Dead
A mix of Horror and Comedy as you never know what you will need to type next to stay alive!

If you don't want to play something as scary, but still as tense, then over at Gamersgate they currently have a sale on Typing of the Dead: Overkill and its DLC. Overkill is a port of House of the Dead, where instead of needing to fire your gun, you have to type the words and letters that you see appearing over the zombies to kill them. This seems easy at first, but before too long you'll really need to rely on your skills as a typer to keep you alive, especially in some of the boss fights. If you don't feel too comfortable as a typer then you can also just play the classic House of the Dead using the mouse instead of a light gun.

If saving the world isn't your thing, but you'd rather see how it changes, then Green Man Gaming has a couple of great games with their World Domination deals. Some big titles to mention from this list of games is XCOM: Enemy Unknown, The Banner Saga and Deus Ex; some of these games even come with mystery games. This might have to be deals that you pick up quickly as it doesn't look like they will be around for long.

Lastly for some free stuff you can now play the entire multiplayer mode of Dragon Age: Inquisition and even get access to the first 6 hours of the campaign. This is a deal that you might want to pick up quickly as it will expire next week. Even if you don't play it right now, the least you can do is associate it with your account.

If you own a copy of Defense Grid 2, you can also register your email with Hidden Path and get a free DLC level for the game. This DLC is the Designer's Cut that was "potentially too complex" to be shipped with the game so good luck finishing it!

What do you think of this weeks Shoestring Gaming deals? Are there any games that you're planning on getting? Are there any big deals that you think I've missed?

I'd also like to ask readers of Shoestring Gaming what kinds of things you hope to find when you read these segments? I'd love to hear your feedback so that I can improve Shoestring Gaming and bring better and more relevant deals to you!

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