Far Cry 4: Pagan Min, Kyrat's Fashionable Menace

Far Cry 4: Pagan Min, Kyrat's Fashionable Menace

Published: June 21, 2014 9:00 AM /


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For those of you that have played the Far Cry series, or even just Far Cry 3, you get a great look at how fantastic the Ubisoft team is at creating and fleshing out villains that you love to hate.

Take Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3, a psychotic murderous pirate that is creepishly volatile, yet so interesting and charismatic that you couldn’t help but love him while you were trying to destroy everything he worked to create. Let’s face it! You loved him and he’s probably everything most anyone would ask for in a villain: Rough, tough, tatted, rocks a Mohawk, and is King of the jungle! How can you follow up after Vaas? Really, I’d like to know because I don’t (didn’t) see it happening.


When the game cover art for Far Cry 4 was released, we all knew they would stick to the same theme: A huge photo of just the villain. So when I saw a man, with a silly blonde comb over, and an ugly fuchsia suit (Don’t even think about arguing that…), I thought to myself, “What the heck? Way to drop the ball.” And then, when the trailer was revealed, I had to rethink everything I’d ever thought because this man was hands down awesome, to say the least. After a while, the hair didn’t seem so bad, the suit was starting to grow on me, and his seemingly impulsive need to stab someone for poor grammar just brightened my day. But apparently his demeanor wasn’t always so awesome according to Far Cry 4 narrative director Mark Thompson.

“We wanted someone who was a new generation of criminal who would piss off his father and had a bit of punk-rock mentality. But we couldn’t latch onto the visuals. We had these Gaddafi-style concepts of a guy in ridiculous military garb who had given himself fake ribbons as prizes. It looked cool, but it wasn’t original.”

It is noted that Ubisoft Montreal looked to characters like Beat Takeshi from Brother and Ichi from a Japanese movie called Ichi the Killer for some inspirations on how to push Min forwards in his development. Both of these characters, much like our antagonist now, wore vibrant suits that got them stand out from the crowd.

“That visual really pushed the character forward because we realize that the story wasn't as interesting as the visual, so that drove us to come up with a backstory that was more interesting.” Reported Thompson.

Interesting suit, interesting hair, must have interesting story.

So what is this interesting story that is Pagan Min? According to The Far Cry wikia, Min is 48 years of age, born in Hong Kong, and his nationality is Chinese and British,  an interesting combination to say the least! They say his hair color is white, though I’m 100% positive he dyes it... His birth name is Gang Min and he is the son of a British man who is described as a mid-level Hong Kong drug boss. Soon, being roped into his father’s drug ring, Min realized he wanted much more than the small time drug operation his father was going to leave to him one day, he wanted much more! To get that, he “allegedly” killed his father and used all of his family’s fortune to fund his own private army in hopes to gain power in the criminal underworld.


As history can tell us, the world doesn't always take well to a rich man wanting power just to have it, and Min learned that the hard way. He fled his home and hid in Kyrat where our beloved Far Cry 4 story takes place! As he arrived, due to the cities being in a civil war, Min was easily able to gain power and steal the throne of Kyrat to be his. As we could all imagine, he brought nothing but a terrible rein over the mountains and a brave man, Mohan Ghale stood up to fight against Kin’s regime! Ghale is an important character because he is the son of Far Cry 4’s protagonist, Ajay Ghale.

There’s your character history lesson for the week. Get excited about the game because it’s coming out on November 18, 2014! Pre-Order it today to get cool weapons and upgrades in the game, but most of all, enjoy the beautifully constructed villains for everything they are worth.

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