Zombie Survival Game Vein Update 0.008 Available Now and You Can Still Play for Free

The developers of the Zombie survival game Vein have released a new update numbered 0.008 with significant changes, and you can still play the game for free on PC via Steam.

Published: November 19, 2023 4:06 PM /


Driving a truck in Vein

Ramjet Studios released a new and substantial update to its open-world zombie survival game Vein.

The update is numbered 0.008 and follows up on the patch released in September by introducing several new features. 

We also get a healthy dose of bug fixes, which never hurts with a game in this stage of development. 

The new forest in Vein update 0.008

According to the full patch notes (which you can read on Steam) a large forest area has been added, on top of 153 new clothing options to protect your character from the elements. Now clothes have an armor rating so they can also protect in combat.

Incidentally, you can dye them with hair dye and repair them with scrap cloth. 

Vehicles had a few new features added, including car keys that can be found in nearby homes or zombies, the ability to hotwire them (or to get electrocuted if you fail), and alarms that can draw zombies. There's also a manual handbrake and interior lighting.

Corpses are now persistent for future looting, but they can decay over a long time. You can also destroy them with a heavy cutting tool. 

The medical system has been overhauled with visible icons for bandaging, infection, etc. You can stitch your wound for faster healing and need to sterilize bandages if you don't want to risk an infection, which would slow down healing.

Syringes have been added and you can even inject yourself with lethal liquids if you want. You can see most of the updates in action in the video below. 

If you're unfamiliar with Vein, you can think of it as a game similar to 7 Days to Die but with additional realism inspired by games like Project Zomboid.

We also know that the game will come to at least one console, specifically Xbox Series X|S, but that'll happen after the official release on Steam. 

Speaking of release, you can still play Vein for free. As a convenient alternative to early access, the developers provide the full build of the game as a free demo until it's completed.

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