Zombie Survival Game Vein Gets Update 0.007 Including New Map & Much More

Published: September 3, 2023 12:32 PM /


Vein - Zombie With big Mohawk

Ramjet Studios released a new update to its apocalyptic zombie survival game Vein.

The update is numbered 0.007 and was teased a while ago. It comes with plenty of new content and features, including a massive new open-world map with a much-enlarged town to explore. 

Character creation and progression have also been overhauled, letting you build characters with more variety and determine more precisely how they will skill up as you play. 

On top of that, now zombie use the same visuals as characters (of course duly soiled by decay and blood), so when you die and turn into a zombie, you'll find your recognizable old character wandering the area... until you put them permanently to rest, of course.

The update includes many more features, and you can read the full patch notes on Steam

The developer also released a video showing the new features off, and you can watch it below.

Vein is commonly defined as a hybrid between Project Zomboid and 7 Days to Die. Ramjet Studios actually provides the current build as a free demo on Steam to anyone who wants to play while the game is in development.

While it won't be free forever, and it'll become a paid game when the game launches, this is certainly a lovely alternative to paid early access. 

Recently, Ramjet announced that the game won't stay confined on PC, and it'll launch on Xbox Series X|S after its official release on Steam. 

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