Zombie Survival Game Vein Gets New Video Showing Updates to Map, Models, Items, & More

Published: August 6, 2023 12:01 PM /


Vein character creation

Today the developers at Ramjet Studios released a new video providing an update on the development of their post-apocalyptic zombie survival game Vein. 

We get to see a bunch of updates for the new map including warehouses, a radio station and tower, a veterinary clinic, a construction office, and the new fire department with an expanded garage. 

Zombies have been updated alongside characters and the way perks are acquired. 

Since this is a zombie game, persistent blood and bullet holes are a welcome addition, on top of bloody footprints. The developers are also working on semi-persistent corpses.

Speaking of items, the repair system has been completed and some models have been added. Flashlights have been tweaked alongside the addition of more light sources.

More options have been added to the graphics settings. You can check out the video below. If you want to see more, you can enjoy a previous video as well.

Vein has been defined by many as a hybrid between Project Zomboid and 7 Days to Die, and is currently being provided as a free demo on Steam to anyone who wants to play while the game is being developed.

It won't remain free forever, mind you, but this is definitely an interesting alternative to paid early access and has earned the game many fans. Incidentally, today's video mentions that Vein is now close to 50,000 wishlists on Steam.

Recently, the developers announced that the game will also come to Xbox Series X|S once it launches officially on PC. 


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