Zelda Fan Receives Care Package from Nintendo to Honor His Brother

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Video games can leave a powerful impact on the relationships we have, especially with our siblings that grew up on the couch next to us. Corey Austen has been a Zelda fan since childhood, a love he shared with his brother. In July, Corey shared a story with the website Zelda Informer about how his brother Matt, diagnosed with epilepsy, had passed away in May. Matt and Corey both shared a love for Nintendo and the world of Zelda. While Corey was a fan of the classic Legend of Zelda and Link to the Past, Matt loved Twilight Princess, especially the wolf transformation and darker atmosphere of the game. Prior to E3 and the announcement of Breath of the Wild, Matt and Corey speculated what this new Zelda game would bring and anxiously awaited the big day. Matt passed away on May 31st, shortly before the official announcement was made. He was 23. Corey told Zelda Informer the last conversation he ever had with his brother was about the upcoming Zelda announcement.


Corey says watching the announcement on June 16th was bittersweet, but he was especially excited when they announced a Wolf Link Amiibo and the reveal that game data from Twilight Princess will be usable in Breath of the Wild. With the ability to use the Twilight Princess data, Corey writes, "My brother and I could still play the new game. Together". Corey ended his letter with a heartfelt thank you to Nintendo creators for making a world he and his brother could share. After the letter was published, Corey prepared a stream called Moblins for Matt, a Legend of Zelda marathon stream to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation. The stream began on September 9th and was planned to run through to September 11th. 

"So thank you Mr. Miamoto, Mr. Aonuma, and everyone at Nintendo who have given me the memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It is because of your creativity and desire to make innovative games that I will never have to lose my brother. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."  --- Corey Austen

Early into the stream, a package arrived at Corey's door from Nintendo, which included a handwritten note and a full Zelda themed care package. The package included the shirt, coin, and lanyard that was given to those who stopped by to play Breath of the Wild at E3, as well as a Breath of the Wild pin and several other Zelda-themed items. Most notable in the package was a note, hand-written from Nintendo staff, offering their condolences. 


Corey's stream raised $5,200 for the Epilepsy Foundation, and ran for 66.5 hours and 6 games (it has since raised an additional $100 and you can still donate through the Epilepsy Foundation Donor Drive site). 




CorrectionThe original article mistakenly mixed up Corey and Matt in one place. This has been fixed. We apologize for the error.

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