Zachtronics Reveals Turn-Based Wargame Mobius Front '83

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Zachtronics Reveals Turn-Based Wargame Mobius Front '83

October 26, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams


Zachtronics has revealed Mobius Front '83, a brand-new wargame featuring tactical, turn-based battles utilizing the cutting edge military technology of the early '80s.

Mobius Front '83 will put players in command of the United States military. You'll soon discover yourself under assault from a somewhat unusual enemy: yourself. To be more specific, an American army from an alternative universe has invaded our reality and begun an assault on the nation. The motivation behind this mysterious attack (and where the attackers came from) will likely be revealed as part of the single-player campaign.

Check out the Mobius Front '83 reveal trailer to get a taste of Zachtronics' next upcoming game!

Players will take command of infantry and armored units on a hex-based map. As is typical with this style of game, each unit has a certain number of hit points and different styles of combat. Properly positioning your units and using their advantages against your opponent will be the key to victory.


Aside from an "extensive" single-player campaign, a press release from Zachtronics notes that it will also feature fully-voiced cutscenes, Zachtronics-style puzzles, and a "new kind of solitaire." Players will also be able to read the US military manuals that formed the basis for the soldiers, armor, and aircraft that feature in this game.

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When is the Mobius Front '83 Release Date?

If you're keen on playing a new wargame, there's good news — the Mobius Front '83 release date is November 5, 2020. Players should expect to spend 15–40 hours in the single-player campaign depending on whether or not they undertake the various side activities available.

For now, you can add Mobius Front '83 to your wishlist on Steam. You'll be able to buy it on November 5, 2020, for $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of Mobius Front '83? What's your favorite turn-based wargame of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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