Xbox Game Pass is Coming to TV's, Browsers, And Everywhere Else

Published: June 10, 2021 10:46 AM /



Microsoft has announced some big moves for Xbox and Xbox Game Pass today as they released a conversation/interview between Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella. There's quite a few of them, so check them out below:

What was announced today for Xbox and Xbox Game Pass?

The major announcement is that their Xbox Game Pass will be embedded "into internet-connected televisions with no extra hardware required except a controller." This looks like it'll basically be a gaming Netflix that people have been wanting from Microsoft from a long while. The closest comparison so far is the Steam Link, but it looks like Microsoft is taking it a step further with their new streaming devices that people to plug into their TV's and game monitors. Hopefully, this time around it'll do better.


Xbox is also "exploring about new subscription offerings for Xbox Game Pass" on a worldwide scale. This is probably for countries that couldn't necessarily afford the price of what first-world countries pay for Xbox Game Pass and would need another model for it to work out for them.

New purchasing models like Xbox All Access, and cloud gaming through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will launch in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan later this year. This is expected but still exciting news for people who have been patiently waiting in those countries and goes to show how committed Microsoft is to transform themselves into an entertainment juggernaut worldwide--or at least more so then they already are.

“As a company, Microsoft is all-in on gaming," said Satya Nadella. "Gaming is the most dynamic category in the entertainment industry. Three billion consumers look to gaming for entertainment, community, creation, as well as a real sense of achievement, and our ambition is to empower each of them, wherever they play.”

“We believe that Microsoft can play a leading role in democratizing gaming and defining the future of interactive entertainment. There are really three key areas where we believe we have an incredible competitive advantage: First, our leadership in cloud computing. Second, the resources we have to build our subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. And third, our overall focus on empowering creators.”

Microsoft datacenters are also being updated with Xbox Series X's, which means that faster load times, improved frame rates, and a better overall experience should be expected. The Xbox App on PC will also have cloud gaming directly added into it by the end of the year.

This goes with Xbox's plan to have one new first party game added to Game Pass every quarter, so players can expect a new AAA game from Microsoft every three months. 

If you would like to check out the announcement and interview, be sure to go here and here. For all other Xbox news, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details, particularly this Sunday where the first-ever Xbox and Bethesda showcase will be shown.

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