Windward Anniversary Patch Improves Modding Support

Published: October 25, 2015 11:39 AM /


WindWard patch

Windward is a game about sailing into the blue, sinking pirates (or being pirates), completing naval missions and trading for profit. This instanced world naval simulation game gathered a good following in the year it's been out. For its anniversary, the developers hit the community with a new patch that added a bunch of improvements like more quest and trading variety, stat rebalancing. and more.

The most notable change is, though, the re-enigineering on how the ship assets are stored in the game. In short, this change means that it is now possible to add customized symbols and pennants (even colored ones) to the game server and even make and upload entire new ships.

Windward mods

These mods are server side. This means that the server admins can add the modded content to the game and the users will have access to it without having to download the mod themselves. You can still download and use the mods you want in single player.

Aside from the increased moddability of the game, WindWard received a good number of changes with the latest patch (like increased player vault, sail and symbols showing the texture in the inventory, new ship types including a Zeppelin etc.). The unlock process for new ship also have been tweaked. Now to unlock a new ship, you'll have to defeat a random number (between 1 to 10) of enemies that are using that ship. In some cases you'll have to find a blueprint in an instance to unlock a new vessel.

PvE fighting got tweaked as well, making it more interesting. The damage you'll do to a ship will change depending on how many times you sinked that type of ship. The first time you meet a new kind of enemy you'll do less damage to it. More and more you beat, you'll do more and more damage, capping at +25%.

There are many more changes in the patch but the full list is too long to be included here. You can read the complete notes here.

Some of the changes partially address some of the issuses of the game that TechRaptor detailed in its review in June. The larger number of quests and trading options make the game feel less repetitive than before and the increased variety of ships and cosmetic options make the world feel more alive. Of course the core issues are still there, but the game is in the best shape it ever been until now.

If modding is your thing and the naval engineer inside you is feeling restless, here's a step to step tutorial on how make your own WindWard ship and upload it to the game.

They also added a console command to allow ghost ships to spawn. Spooky!

Do you play WindWard? What you think of this new content update? What's your opinion on mods? Let us know in the comments.


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