What's Next For Focus Home Interactive - Vampyr On Switch And Much More

Published: April 11, 2019 12:27 PM /


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Focus Home Interactive has revealed details of its upcoming 2019 catalog. It's a pretty packed schedule, containing Switch ports, new franchises, and studio partnerships aplenty.

First up, Focus Home will be renewing its partnerships with several studios. Vampyr has sold over a million copies worldwide, so naturally, Focus Home Interactive is renewing its partnership with developer Dontnod Entertainment. The two companies are working on an unknown project together. Said project is presumably one of the two unknown Dontnod games currently in development. Focus is also creating a brand new IP with The Surge developer Deck13.

World War Z creator Saber Interactive is creating two new titles for Focus, one of which will use "one of the most important licenses in the Games Workshop universe". No prizes for guessing which franchise that might be. Other studios making new games with Focus include A Plague Tale: Innocence dev Asobo Studio, Space Hulk: Deathwing creator Streum On, and Masters of Anima dev Passtech Games. No details yet on what these projects might be. There's also Focus Home's partnership with Chaosium, which grants them exclusive rights to Call of Cthulhu games for the next ten years.

Four studios have signed entirely new partnerships with Focus Home. Sumo Digital, creator of the upcoming Team Sonic Racing and Snake Pass, has signed up to develop "a multiplayer experience" in a dark and violent universe. Focus has also signed Gasket Games, a supergroup consisting of former Relic Entertainment and Blackbird Interactive staff. Gasket is creating "a brand-new Games Workship title in a rich universe". Again, answers on a postcard there. Finally, there's a new indie game coming from Estonian dev Limestone Games, and a new tactical game from the Paris-based Lightbulb Crew.

focus home interactive whats next 2019
Focus Home Interactive's rather neat summary of its 2019 plans.

2019 is a good time to be a Switch owner if you're a Focus Home fan. Spurred on by solid sales, Vampyr will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. Lovecraftian horror fans can also look forward to a Switch version of the very solid Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game. Finally, if you're a farming aficionado and want to farm on the go, look no further than GIANTS Software's Farming Simulator. All of these games will be coming to Switch in 2019.

Lastly, the Focus Home What's Next program looked forward to the year's upcoming releases. Focus Home Interactive is gearing up to release 4-player co-op zombie shooter (no, not that one) World War Z in a few days. The very impressive A Plague Tale: Innocence hits shelves on May 14th. Later in the year, gamers can look forward to The Surge 2GreedFall, and MudRunner 2. It's going to be a pretty packed year for Focus Home Interactive.

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