Watch a Teardown of the New PS5 Slim All the Way to Its Core

A deep dive into the new PS5 "slim"'s internals with a brand new teardown video showcases the same chip size as the previous model and more. 👀

Published: November 5, 2023 2:26 PM /


PS5 Slim Teardown View

With the new and slimmed-down model of the PS5 starting to be found out in the wild, the first teardown videos are emerging. 

The popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips was among the first to get a specimen and and to take a screwdriver to it, in order to find out what's under the newly split panels.

The video is interesting, because it also includes some pretty extensive testing of the console's vitals.

The die of the PS5 Slim

We get the confirmation that the chip that forms the console's core remains the same as the previous PS5, sporting an identical 6 nm node. This is actually unusual, as Sony has historically used a smaller architecture when resizing the console. Likely, moving to 5 nm wasn't worth it this time around.

As a result, the power draw characteristics of the console on the power supply they're pretty much identical as well. 

You can watch the full video for yourself below and see what the console looks like when you delve deep into its guts.

The testing of the noise profile is also interesting. While the slimmed-down version appears to be slightly quieter, the direction of the sound changed. 

The new model is available in the United States and on the PlayStation Direct store starting this month, while customers in other markets will get it at a later time.

Speaking of the United States, they're paying the early access with a rather hefty price hike of the all-digital mode from $399.99 to $449.99.

With Sony revealing its financial results and hosting its quarterly financial conference call next week, it's very possible that we'll hear how the new model will impact their production costs.

Quite likely, the standardization of the production between the all-digital and standard model resulted in a rather sizable reduction in production costs, but we'll have to wait the official announcement to know more.

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