Villains and Investigations Take Center Stage in Next Dwarf Fortress Update

Published: November 16, 2019 8:17 PM /


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The next major Dwarf Fortress update will integrate villains and investigations into the massive open world, as well as some corrupt dwarves. The update brings broad changes to world generation, as well as new content for both the classic Fortress mode, and the more rogue-like Adventure mode. Broadly, villains will take center stage in the next update, which is inching towards release. What good are history evil figures without new ways to combat their deeds and forces? New mechanics, attitudes, skills and AI all play a role in the update, which also brings religion to the forts. Dwarf Fortress's next update will mark the very last update for DF Classic, before the development duo wholly transition over to Steam.

In previous updates, Adventure mode and Fortress mode have been largely distinct from one another, even as the two modes share the same game world. Inhabiting the same cities and exploring old ruined fortresses was separate from managing your burgeoning dwarven colonies. The latest update hopes to remedy this by focusing on religion, criminal networks, villains, and reworking key skills to aid in your investigations. True to Dwarf Fortress form, the updates are infrequent yet dense, stretching all the way back to earlier this year.

In essence, villains now actively inhabit the game world, recruiting followers, henchmen, and contracting out their nefarious deeds to assassins, necromancers, or worse. Players can now play as villains in adventure mode, and coerce followers into doing similarly evil acts. Criminal networks will try to infiltrate towns and fortresses through either well-disguised fakes or simple bribery and flattery. Uncovering these traitors can either be through peaceful investigation and excellent questions, or more physical means. Traitors can (and will) commit crimes such as kidnapping, murder, or high-profile sabotage, and its up to either your character or your Sheriff to track down the criminals. 

There's no planned release date for the update, which, if you're familiar with Dwarf Fortress at all, should come as no surprise. The next upcoming news will go more in-depth on the traitors themselves, and beyond that is anyone's guess. Once again, after the villains update hits DF Classic, Bay 13 Games will transition over to work on the Steam version, which the latest update says is progressing well, art-wise. DF Classic will remain as freeware, but the Steam version will require a purchase to play. With development reportedly about "half-way done," we'll see more of Dwarf Fortress eventually.

Will you take on the role of a villain in the next upcoming Dwarf Fortress update? Where would you like to see the game go next? Let us know in the comments below!

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