Dwarf Fortress Character Sheets Tell Tales of Heroes

Published: March 30, 2022 2:14 PM /


Dwarf Fortress Character Sheets cover

The shiny new Dwarf Fortress character sheets have been revealed, showing how the revamped version of this popular colony sim will tell you all about your dwarves and their lives.

Dwarf Fortress is steadily moving towards its late 2022 release date (assuming everything goes to plan, that is). Thus far, we've seen how the menus and work system are going to be improved. Now, Bay 12 Games' Tarn Adams has shown off the new and improved character sheets that are coming to the Steam version when it launches.


Dwarf Fortress Character Sheets examples
The improved character sheets will show knowledge, items, memory, and a whole lot more.

Dwarf Fortress Character Sheets Have a Crazy Amount of Information

As anyone who has played the game knows, Dwarf Fortress has an awful lot of information to keep track of. The new Dwarf Fortress character sheets make it easier to follow what's going on by compiling everything into one convenient page.

Here is what will be covered by the new character sheets system according to today's announcement (via Reddit):

  • Relations
  • Groups
  • Military
  • Thoughts
  • Personality
  • Overview
  • Items
  • Health
  • Skills
  • Rooms
  • Labor
  • Recent Thoughts
  • Memory

This may all seem like fairly standard fare for a colony sim, but the current free version of Dwarf Fortress doesn't do the best job of providing all of this information to you. These bits and pieces of information would normally need to be tracked down on separate screens, and they certainly aren't be presented as conveniently.


Veteran fortress overseers are well aware of the many, many problems that could be revealed in any one of these pages. The Thoughts page, for example, could reveal that one of your dwarves is troubled by recent events and is in danger of going berserk, allowing you to prevent a tragedy before it happens. And, of course, there are the more practical pages for day-to-day use such as the Items page or Labor page.

As with most improvements we've learned about, these new Dwarf Fortress character sheets are still a work-in-progress, so little things may change here and there when we actually get to play the game. You can add Dwarf Fortress to your wishlist on Steam and you can play the original (albeit less user-friendly) game on PC, Mac, and Linux via the game's official website.

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