Viking Strategy City Builder Northgard Releases On Early Access

Published: February 23, 2017 10:54 PM /


Northgard Building

A brand new game from Shiro Games, the developers of the Evoland series, has been released on Early Access today for fans of the strategy and city building genres. Northgard brings together a mix of exploration, village building, and combat with a keen focus on Norse mythology throughout the game. Shortly after its release on Steam's Early Access platform, Northgard has jumped to the top of the Steam Best Sellers list and maintains a "Very Positive" rating from users.

In Northgard, players take control of a Viking clan that has arrived on a brand new shore. They must establish a village, gather resources to grow, increase the size of their village and defeat their opponents. While players seek to conquer these new lands with their Viking clan, they'll face off against a number of mythical creatures such as undead warriors, dragons, giants, and more - while at the same time maintaining and growing their village.

Northgard Village

Players who purchase the Early Access version of Northgard right now will have the ability to:

  • Build settlements on the continent of Northgard, and assign Vikings to jobs such as Merchant, Farmer, Warrior, Sailor and more.
  • Gather and manage resources in order to survive both the elements and the enemies that will attack.
  • Expand and discover new territory, which will give unique strategic opportunities to exploit.
  • Achieve different victory conditions, such as Conquest, Fame, Lore, and Trading

The developers make it clear that Early Access is just the start for Northgard, and they plan on working closely with their community to fine-tune the features and additions put into the game. With plans like a full dedicated multiplayer mode, story-driven campaign, new playable clans, new victory conditions, and improvements to the trading and diplomacy system - there's a lot that will be coming to this game.

Northgard is releasing for $19.99 on Steam and is playable on Windows. Players interested in keeping up with developments of the game can keep up with it via the official website, Twitter, and Facebook page.

Are you ready to dive into Norse mythology with Northgard? Is For Honor more your jam? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned for our upcoming preview of Northgard!

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