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Upcoming Valkyria game, Valkyria: Azure Revolution set out to try something new with the series but after receiving a lot of feedback from the initial demo director Takeshi Ozawa is going to be making many changes to the game. Sega’s Valkyria series has always been more of a tactical RPG but with the latest installment, the studio was looking to take the game in a more action-centric direction. After some negative critique’s gathered from the game’s demo, the director revealed that the game will be reworked with more tactical battles in an interview with Weekly Famitsu.


Battle demo version 1.0 of Valkyria: Azure Revolution was included with Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for players in Japan. Three times as much feedback as the developers thought they would get for the new game was received and unfortunately much of it wasn’t positive. Yet, it seems the Valkyria team is seriously listening to what it’s players have to say and are making some changes to the game before releasing a second demo.

Perhaps the biggest change in the game is to the battle system. Making the game more action packed seemed to take away from the tactical elements of the game and so director Takeshi Ozawa told Famitsu that the battle system changes reflect the fans desire for more tactical battles. Overall the director claims the battle system is going to be more RPG-like than the action focus that players responded negatively to and details about the new battle system will be made available on the Valkyria: Azure Revolution website.

A new action gauge has been introduced for both enemies and allies during battle that will limit actions to be taken only when the action gauge has filled up. Players will now also be able to stop time when using weapons or magic. These changes seem to be in place to slow down fights and give players the ability to plan out their actions and be more strategic.

The party member limit has been expanded from three to four. Improvements are being made to the AI as well as the addition of direct commands player's can give their allies. Another tweak to the game is that field encounters have been removed.

To test out these new changes to the game and see how players respond to them a second demo will be available sometime over the summer. The result of these demos will hopefully lead to a more enjoyable game for fans of the Valkyria series. Valkyria: Azure Revolution is releasing in Japan this winter on PlayStation 4. There is still no word on a western localization of the title.

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