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Published: November 15, 2018 8:30 AM /


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Telltale Games made headlines in September when they announced they were spontaneously laying off the majority of their workforce with no advance notice and would be continuing the studio with only a skeleton crew, due to financial difficulties. Now they appear to be shutting down completely and going through assignment proceedings according to a report by Mike Futter of GameDaily.biz. The process is similar to bankruptcy but designed to be handled quickly and for the benefit of Telltale's creditors.

The company Sherwood Partners is handling the process of closing Telltale and contacting anyone who might have a claim on Telltale’s assets. Those with a claim have until April 9th, 2019 to submit their proof. It appears all of these assets will be part of the assignment and the document that has been leaked does not specify what, if anything, Telltale is receiving in return. According to another leaked document, the proceedings with Sherwood Partners began on October 11.

Thus far, the Telltale games Back to the Future, Tales of Monkey Island and Jurassic Park: The Game have all been removed for sale from the Steam storefront but they remain for sale on some other digital storefronts. Telltale CEO Pete Hawley, who originally stated that the company would continue with a skeleton crew, has either deleted or changed the name of his Twitter account and is no longer reachable.

As was touched upon in our recent article, it has also been reported to GameDaily that Telltale will not be covering the post-employment health insurance mandated by law and that all health benefits for employees will now be ending on November 30, 2018. COBRA insurance is paid for by the former employees but legally must be provided by the former employer, and usually lasts for up to 18 months.


The Walking Dead series by Telltale has been removed from sale on Steam. This is all of the seasons, with the only remaining aspect being The Walking Dead: The Final Season demo still being available. That being said, other storefronts such as GOG still have them for sale if you are concerned about the availability of the games in the longterm.

We have reached out to Skybound Games, who is finishing The Walking Dead: The Final Season and owned by Robert Kirkman's Skybound, for comment on the situation and when or if we can expect to see The Walking Dead by Telltale return to stores.

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