[Updated]Gaming YouTuber Markiplier Hacked by OurMine Team

Published: January 12, 2016 10:26 AM /



This morning, thousands of fans of Mark Edward Fischbach, aka Markiplier, found themselves treated to a video that wasn't of his usual style. That's because unfortunately, it looks like he has been hacked by a growing force called OurMine Team. 


This video showed up on his channel this morning, and it looks like OurMine Team has taken control of his channel. It seems that Markiplier was targeted due to them hitting a 100 thousand milestone on twitter, but why Markiplier was targeted in particular is still unknown at this time. 

OurMine Team is becoming more infamous within the YouTube space as of late, with claiming of hacking such personalities as Yamimash, tmartin, and AviatorGaming. This time around however, they've targeted one of the most famous and biggest Youtubers out there, as Markiplier has over 11 million subscribers, and an ever growing fan base due to his passion for helping people and his off the wall videos.  OurMine Team has indicated to Markiplier that if he wants his channel back, they will have to directly message him on twitter. 


The motives for OurMine seem to be all over the place. They've made claims in the past that they are testing out security of accounts, such as in the case of Lifesimmer. But in other cases, they've seemingly taken money or asked for money in exchange for the account. They've been involved in possible doxxing of YouTubers accounts as well, as in the case of CavemanFilms (although he says the information was made public before then). They've also indicated that they have been involved in DDOS attacks in the past, even going as far as to claims responsibility for hitting Iran governments and banks. It seems that each scenario has played out rather differently when it comes to the new hacking group, as some members who have been hacked have gone on record thanking them after getting their accounts back, while others have claimed they've done some significant damages to them

While other accounts within Markiplier's universe seems to be unaffected at the time of posting this article, it also is unsure if Markiplier is aware of the situation as of right now, but a couple of his friends are at this point. Hopefully this issue will have a happy ending in the end, as Markiplier has been known to spread hope and kindness through the YouTube community. 


Sensitive information regarding Markiplier has now been released, adding to the damage that the hack has done. For the purposes of minimizing harm, we will not be linking the information in question. In addition, another YouTuber thinknoodles had a video uploaded to his channel, and he has indicated that it may be due to an exploit being targeted at the MCN Dashboard level. This would also be in line from what was seen with the information seen via the sensitive information as mentioned before.

TechRaptor will provide updates as we get more information on the situation.




Do you think that this will have a peaceful solution, and why do you think Markiplier was targetted of all people? Do you watch Markiplier at all? Leave your comments below!


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