[Updated] Bohemia Interactive Teases New IP To Be Announced at E3

Published: June 7, 2018 6:02 PM /


bohemia new game tease

Bohemia Interactive, the developers behind Day Z and the Arma series of games, seem to be teasing a new IP on their Twitter page.

A tweet went out earlier today from Bohemia Interactive with a picture and a link to mixer.com. The tweet has the hashtag #WhatIfHumanityFalls and a follow-up tweet has that and the additional hashtag #PrepareForUnrealGame:


In addition, the second tweet has the numbers "78.69.87.???". The numbers 78, 69, and 87 translate to N, E, and W in ASCII. The suggestion from a Bohemia dev in the replies implies that the message here is "New IP", meaning "New Intellectual Property". In short, this is a very geeky pun by Bohemia Interactive. (And for the tech nerds out there, as best as I can tell some of the IP addresses listed in the replies do reply to pings but not much else.)

@MadmooAU on Twitter pointed out that a trademark for "VIGOR" has been filed by Bohemia Interactive in December of last year. Unsurprisingly, the goods & services classifications put it in categories related to video games and online gaming. The domain vigorgame.com also happens to be registered to Bohemia Interactive, making for a pretty strong case that they're working on something called Vigor.

The Mixer video has "11 June 2018 Inside X Box" carved into the table which probably indicates when we'll be seeing something about this particular title. The newspaper has the headline "Atom Bomb Hit Europe", and the newspaper appears to be "United Army News", issue #315 for $0.60. Complete speculation on my part, but a price that low for a physical newspaper would probably place this particular setting sometime in the late '80s or early '90s.

There isn't much else that one can glean from the two tweets and the Mixer video but it's still currently live if you'd like to take a crack at it. Whatever this all ultimately means, Bohemia Interactive seems to be saying that they will be showing something at Inside X-Box on June 11, 2018. Be sure to stick with TechRaptor for all of the latest and greatest E3 coverage where whatever the heck this is will be among the many things we cover as they are announced!

Update: A tweet from a Bohemia employee indicates that this new game (whatever it may be) is going to be an Xbox exclusive. It also makes it pretty clear that this is indeed a new game that is being made in the Unreal Engine.


What do you think Bohemia Interactive is teasing here? Do you think they're genuinely launching a new IP or is it something else? Check out our E3 Coverage Hub for more ongoing coverage and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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