Ubisoft E3 2018: Press Conference Recap

Published: June 11, 2018 10:07 PM /


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After an already fantastic day of announcements from various published and developers, it's time for Ubisoft to show us what they've got to offer.

Starting off Ubisoft's press conference is one of the standard EA dance segments complete with a panda and other colorfully dressed characters to celebrate another installment in the Just Dance series of games. The latest entry will simply be called Just Dance 2019 and it will be releasing in October.

ubisoft e3 2018 just dance 2019

Toning it back down a tad was a new trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2. We see a ship cutting through a ring on a planet as if it's sailing. After eating Peyj's chili it seems that the entire crew is under the weather, suddenly the engines cut out. It's then that a space storm blows them all away, the cause is an even larger ship. Jade then enters the scene revealing herself as the game's villain. New characters shown include the ships medic and engineer. After talking a bit about their E3 show floor plans a pre-alpha gameplay demo is shown of the holy city. Some announcements include co-op, the ability to fly a ship and jetpack around the world, as well as having fans be a part of the creation of the game by being able to contribute their own songs and art into the game. Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes to the stage to promote HitRecord and how they'll be working with the game's developers to put this in. You can now go to the HitRecord website and begin participating in the challenges.

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Rainbow Six Siege was the next game to be discussed at the Ubisoft Press Conference to highlight that their community is now 35 million players strong. A new operation Parabellum is available right now and on June 18th the pro league will begin and last for 6 months. There will be a Majors in Paris in August, Pro League in November and an Invitational in February. A documentary was announced focusing on players who took their love of the game to a new level, it will be called Another Mindset. The full release for this documentary will be during August at the Majors.

another mindset ubisoft e3

A Trials biker takes to the stage next to promote that Trials is back and bigger than ever with Trials Rising. As with previous Trials games, this will have you flipping, jumping, and bailing to achieve top scores. In the trailer as well as the usual Trials gameplay we also see 8-way multiplayer races. You will go to different locations and also face off against other players. Professor FatShady took to the stage from the UniOfTrials to talk about not only his love of Trials but also explain that he has been put in charge of tutorial content with 20 other "Trials elite." You can register online for a closed beta later this year. This game will be releasing on Feb 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. After that announcement, a literal demo reel is played, and I mean demolition.

ubisoft e3 2018 trials rising

After it's revealed yesterday Division 2 was the next game to be spoken about. Recapping on the story after the virus spreads over America it's six months later that The Division members are called upon in Washinton DC to try to bring order back to the world. In the trailer shown we see the state of the city in the summer as well as some of the insurgency present within the city and the people's cry for help. During the campaign, you'll be able to see the effect that your choices make on the world. After reaching the end of the campaign you can then pick between three different subclasses. It begins with the pick of one weapon but as you continue to specialize you'll get access to a variety of exclusive skills. Eight players will be able to partner up to take on the raids that will be present in The Division 2. Three additional episodes will also be released over the first year delivering free content to players.

tom clancys the division 2 ubisoft e3

Mario and the Rabbids are up next to show off the new Donkey Kong adventure with a track composed by Grant Kirkhope. This live performance was set to a trailer showing off a variety of new characters and enemies that will be appearing in the expansion. This DLC will also mark the return of Donkey Rabbid. This DLC will be releasing for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on the 26th of June.

After the delightful performance, the naval based action game Skull and Bones had a story trailer shown detailing the fall and rise again of piracy. Not only is the warfare against pirates in this title but also against the navy forces seeking to remove the pirate presence and above all an ominous warship that appeared on the horizon. After piracy was stopped in the Carribean it's to the Indian Ocean that the pirates moved. The game will give importance to finding the right ship, and knowing the seas so you know what to expect as you go out to plunder. Gameplay is shown highlighting how you loot ships, disguise mechanics, and the party system allows you to gain numbers for large fights. This title will release in 2019.

skulls and bones ubisoft e3

Elijah Wood is on stage next to talk about his new game from Spectrevision, Transference, a title that will be coming to VR and traditional platforms this Fall. This first-person exploration game will require you to search for clues to piece together a mystery by changing your perspective between each of the family members.

transference ubisoft e3

The next game to get a trailer was Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Ubisoft's space shooter. This game was shown last year and shows a pairing of modular figures that affect how your ship looks like in the game. This will be released for all platforms on October 16th. It was also announced that Star Fox would be a character in Starlink. Yves Guillemot approached the stage to welcome this new character to the game. Just like last year, Miyamoto showed up at the Ubisoft Press Conference to be presented the prototype Arwing and Fox figurine for Starlink. Star Fox will be an exclusive Nintendo Switch experience.

To talk about the streamers, cosplayers, and tournament creators experiences For Honor is up next. New players are being invited into For Honor will be free for you if you get it on Uplay until Monday. Continuing to build upon the game they already have a trailer was shown showing off a new class of character in the form of warriors from China. This expansion will be out October 16th and will be called Marching Fire. This update will also come with a new 4v4 multiplayer mode called breach.

for honor marching fire ubisoft e3 2018

The Crew 2 also had a presence at the press conference as the game is just about to launch on June 29th. The open beta will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 21st. This announcement was accompanied by a new trailer showing off the look of the game.

assassins creed odyssey ubisoft e3

To wrap up the conference new information was shown for the latest in the Assassin's Creed franchise, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. While a lot of information has been leaked over the past couple of weeks it is only now that we're getting to see true combat as this title is set in Greece following a soldier. While the time period was some of the greatest in terms of development it was also one rife with wars and the dividing of Greece. You play as a mercenary who is in it to save his family but ends up being the hero Greece needs. Your character's weapon of choice will be Leonidas' broken spear which will allow you to not only attack up close and personal but also from a distance. There will also be dialogue trees allowing you to truly interact with the world around you and shape it. A gameplay demo was then shown of the upcoming title. This title will release on the 5th of October and with that, it's the end of the Ubisoft Press Conference.

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