Two Point Hospital's Pebberly Island DLC Arrives This March

two point hospital pebberly island dlc

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Two Point Hospital's Pebberly Island DLC Arrives This March

March 5, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

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Two Point Studios
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August 30, 2018 (Calendar)
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The Two Point Hospital Pebberly Island DLC arrives later in March! This is the second Two Point Hospital DLC and it brings with it a new location, new diseases, and a bunch of other content to the game for players to enjoy.

Take a look at the Two Point Hospital Pebberly Island Official Trailer to see some of the new things you can enjoy in the game:

This new piece of DLC adds a healthy amount of content to the game and will be arriving on Steam March 18, 2019. To start, players will get three new hospitals to play with. Pebberly Reef is a beautiful tropical healthcare facility right on the coast. Overgrowth is (for some reason) stuck right in the middle of a jungle. Finally, Topless Mountain is a hospital at the top of a mountain because reasons. (Surgeon General's Warning: trying to apply logic to the silliness of Two Point Hospital may result in confusion, vertigo, and restless leg syndrome. Further disclosure: I am not actually the Surgeon General or a medical practitioner of any sort.)


Over 30 new diseases are added with the Two Point Hospital Pebberly Island DLC, 10 of which have new visual effects. These include Wanderlust (a craving for adventure) and Blank Look (literally a blank face). As always, players cure these diseases with a variety of strange machines. A whole bunch of new furniture appropriate for the tropical theme has also been added into the game.

You can get the Two Point Hospital Pebberly Island DLC for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam at the price $8.09 or your regional equivalent, a 10% discount off of its $8.99 retail price on March 18, 2019. Don't forget to check out our review of the game and our guide to making the most out of research!

What do you think of the Two Point Hospital Pebberly Island DLC? Are you satisfied with the amount of content added in this expansion? Are you interested in this and other Two Point Hospital DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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