Twitch Prime January 2019 Lineup Mixes Action and Subterfuge

Published: January 3, 2019 10:00 AM /


twitch prime january 2019

The Twitch Prime January 2019 lineup is here and it brings in a mix of games for the month. Two of the new games have a solid action focus and the other two make for titles where you're trying to fly under the radar, so to speak.

Every month, Amazon Prime users can get a handful of games for free via Twitch Prime. The Twitch Prime January 2019 games include a couple of leftovers from last month (including some neat Devolver Digital games) and four new titles for players to enjoy. Here they are!

Bomber Crew is the first new title in the Twitch Prime January 2019 lineup. This game is exactly what it says on the tin: you and your friends command a bomber plane as you try to stay aloft and complete your objectives. It can get pretty intense and it requires that you work together well; this is a title that's definitely worth checking out.

Hyper Light Drifter (Our Review) offers colorful, fast-paced action. It's kinda like playing Genji in Overwatch if he took a bunch of mushrooms and time-traveled back to the 80s. This game mixes Shmup elements with stylized top-down gameplay that hearkens back to the 16-bit era in fantastic fashion.

Orwell is a much more muted title compared to the previous two. The government is plagued by terrorists and it's up to you to root them out. Take command of an advanced computer system as you try to track down the bad guys with the latest technology. That is, of course, assuming that they are the bad guys. Who knows in a dystopia? This particular package includes Season 1 Keeping an Eye on You and Season 2 Ignorance is Strength, which are generally sold separately as individual games.

Finally, République (Our Review) emphasizes stealth above all else. Hope lives in a nation that doesn't exist on any map and it makes rampant use of surveillance and security technology. You're caught up in a conspiracy; it's up to you to use your stealth skills and clever wits to make it out alive. This one certainly makes for a thrilling tale!

That's it for the Twitch Prime January 2019 games! Don't forget, this month's offerings also include some Devolver Digital Games that debuted over the holidays and some neat goodies for Warframe! If you're not currently a member, you can get access to Twitch Prime by signing up for Amazon Prime. You can see the games on offer every month by heading to

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What do you think of the games in the Twitch Prime January 2019 lineup? What's the best title of the bunch? Let us know in the comments below!

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