Twitch Plays Pokemon is now a Dating Sim

Published: February 7, 2015 7:17 AM /


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It's been almost a year since the original moment in which over 1 million people joined forces to simultaneously and more often than not disastrously play one game of Pokemon Red together via the medium of Twitch chat, and the channel is still live to this day, completing several other Pokemon titles  and betting on random Pokemon matches.

Over the past year the winner of Best Fan Creation at The Game Awards has spawned several off shoots including the hilarious Fish plays Pokemon, where Grayson the goldfish controlled a game of Pokemon with buttons randomly assigned to the different sections of his tank he swam into. Unfortunately, he failed to swim excruciatingly slowly through his run of Pokemon Red but stole many hearts in the process. However, this is the first time that the glory of the Twitch Plays Pokemon has come out with a completely new game based on the canon of the crowd-sourced Pokemon adventures.

twitch dates pokemon

It's called Twitch Dates Pokemon and was created by TableFort Studios a collective made up of Twitch Plays Pokemon fan artists, writers, musicians and developers who have been working for the last 10 months to create the free to play dating sim, where you play as Burrito the Espeon on their first week around the fictional Twitch Academy.

More than a visual novel than anything else as dialogue trees are fairly slim on the ground, many of the jokes will fly straight over your head if you don't have intimate knowledge of all of the Twitch Plays Pokemon streams. Though even the most casual fan like myself will laugh in recognition of classic Pokemon such as Abba aka the Bird God being brought to life. I must say my cockles are that little bit warmer for hearing of the story where fans worked together to make something so creative.

twitch dates pokemon

You can download a copy of the game for Windows, Mac or Linux on their website.

Will you be giving Twitch dates Pokemon a whirl?



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