Trine 5 Release Date Confirmed With New Pontius The Knight Trailer

Published: July 24, 2023 9:21 AM /


Pontius the Knight exiting his house in Trine 5

The Trine 5 release date has been revealed, thanks to a new trailer spotlighting the hero Pontius the Knight.

Frozenbyte's physics platformer will launch on August 31st, having been announced earlier this year. It'll be released for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

In the new trailer, we get to see Trine mainstay Pontius in action. If you're new to the Trine series, Pontius is the game's melee damage-dealer and tank; he's a knight with a sword and shield, and he can use them in some pretty creative ways.

Of course, we get to see Pontius laying into enemies with his sword, but we also get to see him helping Zarya the rogue up to a higher place by using his shield as a platform.

We also see Pontius redirecting a light beam and a cascading waterfall with his shield, as well as reflecting projectiles in order to progress through dangerous areas.

Other abilities available to Pontius include Charge and Stomp moves, which you can use either to dispatch enemies or to make your way safely through levels.

Pontius can also glide using his shield in a maneuver amusingly known as the Kiteshield, and once he's landed, he can slide on his shield too, letting him move through hazards on the floor.

Using his Prismatic Talisman, Pontius can even create a clone of himself, which can then be used to open doors or reach areas the Knight can't get to. All in all, you'll have a wide and varied array of moves to use with Pontius, and he's just one of the characters available in Trine 5.

You can play Trine 5: The Clockwork Conspiracy when it launches on PC and consoles on August 31st. In my Trine 4 review, I praised the game's gorgeous graphics and clever puzzles, and this followup looks like it'll be a worthy successor, so let's hope it can live up to its legacy.


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