Trials Fusion DLC coming later this month


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Trials Fusion DLC coming later this month

July 2, 2014

By: Andrew Stretch


Trials Fusion will be receiving its first of six planned DLC later this month. This DLC will be names Riders of Rustland and will bring additional content such as maps, trophies/achievements and additional objects for the track editor.

The setting of the DLC is going to be an "abandoned industrial wasteland" and will have 10 new tracks for you to complete, in case you weren't still stuck on Inferno IV. There will be 5 new trophies/achievements and a lot of new content so that maps in a similar style can be made by the community.

"Riders of Rustland" will release on the 29th of July and will be free for season pass holders which costs $20, or will cost $5 to purchase the DLC. Ubisoft has announced that this will be the first of six DLC packs for this game so if you're a fan of Trials Fusion the season pass is definitely worth purchasing sooner rather than later. The last bit of information released was that the second piece of DLC, "Empire of the Sky", will be released later this summer.

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