Trepang2 Release Date Mails A Love Letter To 00s Shooters In June

Published: April 6, 2023 9:51 AM /


The player shooting at an enemy while paper flies everywhere in Trepang2

The rather curiously-named Trepang2 has a release date. Team17 and Trepang Studios (well, that's that mystery solved) have revealed that their love letter to high-octane mid-2000s shooters is launching for PC via Steam on June 21st, bringing with it fast-paced gunplay and a conspiracy-laden story.

If you love FPS games like F.E.A.R, Black, and Killzone, then you'll want to put Trepang2 on your radar. You are a soldier who's been infused with supernatural abilities, and you awake with no memory of who or where you are. You must cut a swathe through your enemies in order to get to the truth, using punchy gunplay and your supernatural powers to dispatch your enemies in tactical combat. You can take a look at the Trepang2 release date trailer right here.


Your powers in Trepang2 are somewhat reminiscent of Crysis, another mid-2000s shooter from which it takes heavy influence. You can cloak so that enemies can't see you, and you can slow down time to respond to enemy threats more efficiently. You've also got access to a powerful melee attack, and lest you forget, there are always good old-fashioned ballistics to fall back on thanks to the range of guns available.

As well as the main campaign, you'll also find a horde-style gameplay mode in which you can take on waves of ruthless spec ops soldiers until you're eventually overwhelmed. In short, if you've ever found yourself nostalgic for shooters from the late PS2-early PS3 era, Trepang2 should be right up your alley.

Trepang2 launches for PC via Steam on June 21st. You can wishlist the game right now, and there's a demo available if you want to see whether it's your cup of tea or not. No mention has been made of console ports yet, so we'll have to wait and see whether any additional platforms are on Team17's radar for this one.



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