Toho Games Announces Three New Godzilla Mobile Games

Published: March 25, 2021 9:31 AM /


The three new Godzilla mobile games coming to Western shores soon

Hoping for a little blockbuster video game action to commemorate the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong? Toho Games has announced three new Godzilla mobile games, and while none of them let you battle the fierce ape, they might whet your kaiju appetite a little, especially as one of them is particularly bizarre.

What new Godzilla mobile games are we getting?

Toho Games, the gaming division of legendary Japanese movie house Toho, uploaded a new trailer showcasing its upcoming Godzilla games. We'll break them down one by one, but it's probably best just to watch the trailer because at least one of these games has to be seen to be believed. Here's the latest Godzilla mobile game trailer in all its strange glory:

Now that you've recovered, let's take a look at what you're getting with each individual new Godzilla game.

Run Godzilla

By far the strangest of the three new mobile games starring the iconic kaiju, Run Godzilla tasks you with raising your very own Godzilla like a Tamagotchi pet. You must take care of Godzilla and raise him to be big and strong, for someday he will leave your village. Don't despair, though; you can pass on Godzilla's abilities to a new generation and raise even stronger kaiju in his wake. Odd.

Godzilla Battle Line

This one looks like a mixture of real-time strategy and idle battlers. Each battle in Godzilla Battle Line lasts 3 minutes and lets you pit your own team against players from around the world. You'll have to build teams from iconic weapons and monsters from the long-running series, but of course, enemy players will be doing the same thing, so you'd better make sure your team is up to scratch.

Godzilla Destruction

As the name suggests, if you're hankering for some old-school Godzilla vs Kong action, this is probably where you're going to find it. Godzilla Destruction is a top-down game that's all about laying waste to countless city buildings as the titular creature. Along the way, you'll level up and deal even more devastating damage until nothing is left but your giant scaly monstrous self.

These three games will all land at different times. Run Godzilla is coming to mobile devices worldwide today and is coming to Japan in June. Destruction and Battle Line will come to Western shores to wreak havoc in April, with Japanese releases planned for April and May respectively. Frankly, we're most excited for Run Godzilla. They grow up and ravage human civilization so fast. Here's hoping these three games are better than the awful 2015 game, on which we will speak no more.

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