Thea: The Awakening Released on Steam

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Finally leaving Early Access, Thea: The Awakening from MuHa Games has fully released on all major digital gaming distributors.

Thea: The Awakening is a survival game in a fantasy setting inspired by Slavic mythology. After 100 years of dark, the sun has miraculously shone again giving hope to the scattered remnants of human civilization. Players take on the role of one of eight gods hoping to lead their flock through the many risks and dangers that plague the dark lands of Thea. Clever judgement and exceptional skill is all that stands between the hope of mankind and the brutal death of your flock.

Each god has bonuses and abilities

Thea: The Awakening's gameplay features a main base in a village, a settlement built to offer some protection from monsters in the darkness of Thea. Players must decide how resources will be spent and how the village will grow. During the day, humans can be sent out into the wilderness to find resources, which can be used to craft weapons, armor and other useful gear for battle, making it easier for your scavengers to provide for the village. This can produce special events and encounters with dialogue options that change based on who is in the party and what their skills are But if too many are sent out who will build the houses and structures and protect the village once the Day Turn gives way to the Night Turn when the village will be plagued by all manner of horrors including monster attacks, plagues and attacks from other hungry scavengers.


Battles, social conflict, disease and all other challenges are handled through a card-based minigame. In this minigame your people become your deck split into offensive and defensive cards. The video below goes in-depth into how the card game is played.

Thea: The Awakening promises a game chock full of monsters and magics from slavic mythos, special items, multiple endings and much more. From its time in Early Access, Thea: The Awakening has earned a Very Positive rating from the community and with its unique gameplay and setting, plus being 20% off on Steam, Thea: The Awakening may very swiftly can a devoted following, if it can pull players away from Fallout 4 of course. You can also pick it up at 20% off on our TechRaptor GamesRepublic which helps support us as well. Stay tuned to see our review on the game in the future!

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