Telltale Games Returns, New Games Incoming

Published: August 28, 2019 12:05 PM /


Telltale Games Delisted From GOG On May 27

Today, it was announced that Telltale Games has risen from the dead. One could say that perhaps they are now among the walking dead, even.

Last year, Telltale Games closed, and is now returning after its assets were purchased by LCG Entertainment. Some of the backlog will be sold, but a few of Telltale's former franchises will receive new entries. Properties returning to Telltale include The Wolf Among Us and Batman, as well as Telltale-made titles like Puzzle Agent. This second incarnation of Telltale will be led by Brian Waddle and Jamie Ottilie. All of the original workers from Telltale being offered freelance roles, with full-time jobs a possibility down the line. Ottilie released the following statement to Yahoo! News:

We dug in and, and took a look and nosed around, … the more we looked at it, the more we kind of went, 'Hey, this is a good business, this is a viable business and it seems like under the right conditions this could be stood back up and we can continue to enjoy Telltale Games and like game makers tell stories.'
Of the franchises that this new version of Telltale Games have access to, The Walking Dead license is now owned by Skybound, who will most likely be creating new titles of their own in the franchise. Telltale's last game, based on Stranger Things, also had its rights revert to Netflix.

Ottilie, formerly the CEO of Galaxy Pest Control, created licensed games that were based on Duck Dynasty and the Power Rangers. As someone who has experience with managing a gaming company and creating licensed games, he feels that Telltale's previous focus on adventure games that were mostly licensed is still relevant:

“This is a viable business that went away due to market conditions and some scale choices [Telltale’s previous management] made,” Ottilie told Polygon. “I like games that tell stories and I think our industry should have a company that specializes in narrative-driven games.”
What do you think of this news? Would you be interested in a sequel to The Wolf Among Us? Let us know in the comments!



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