Take-Two Adds GTA: Underground to List of Killed Mods

Published: September 4, 2021 7:45 PM /


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TechRaptor very recently reported ominous tidings of DMCA takedown requests for mods of Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto titles, and among those was GTA: Underground. While the mod's fate wasn't certain for a few weeks, we now know that this popular, grandiose project is meeting its end.

dkluin, one of the developers involved with the GTA: Underground mod, recently posted that, "due to the increasing hostility towards the modding community and imminent danger to our mental and financial well-being," development would have to end. This comes after the aforementioned DMCA takedowns from Take-Two. Had the mod continued in its development, legal actions would likely follow suit.

The contents of the mod was an ambitious undertaking, incorporating maps from not just other PS2-era Grand Theft Auto titles, but from Manhunt and Bully as well. Weapons and vehicles from these games also made an appearance. This mod included some other exciting features. One inclusion was the ability to travel via airport from one city to the other. Gangs could spawn, which had their own "turf," and you could even claim these gang areas as your own to get money. GTA: Underground even had multiplayer support.

To explore the full scope of the project, you can visit the mod's website, although you're not able to download it any longer.

Along with dkluin's post is a melancholy video on the team's official YouTube channel. This credit reel, of sorts, lists of the dozens of individuals involved in the development of GTA: Underground.

What's the Future for GTA: Underground?

While it may seem doom and gloom for the team, dkluin hints at a possible future project. His post ended with the following:

A lot of members in the team as well as some modders from outside the team have shown interest in making our own game title. We cannot confirm or deny anything about such a thing, but we'll keep you posted.

Whether a game in the style of Grand Theft Auto is in development, or any game at all is being made, it's unclear. Right now, it doesn't seem like players have seen the last of the GTA: Underground team, although one can safely assume they will no longer develop mods involving Take-Two properties.

GTA: Underground's takedown by Take-Two isn't a new narrative by any means; in fact, the publisher is notorious for aggressively pursuing and initiating DMCA takedowns for mods of their games. A project that successfully reverse engineered the code for both Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City just had a lawsuit filed against the team. We also already know that less than a month ago, several other mods received similar threats from the publisher. These were not just for Grand Theft Auto titles, but even Bully and Manhunt as well—all of which are developed by Rockstar Games. This isn't just a Take-Two issue, though, as we've recently seen Nintendo axe a mod called Metroid Prime 2D.

How do you feel about GTA: Underground's decision to cease development? Were you following the development of this mod? Let us know in the comments below!



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