Tabletop Simulator Update v12 Brings Performance Improvements, DLC Updates, And More

Published: April 30, 2019 6:46 PM /


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Tabletop simulation title Tabletop Simulator is soon to be updated to a new version which will include a great number of improvements to various game features. Tabletop Simulator Update v12.0 is currently in Beta and brings some much-needed performance updates as well as some other changes to support. A big part of why the update has made so many improvements is because the game has been updated from running on the Unity 5.6.6 engine to the latest version of Unity 2019.1.

The newly updates Unity engine has brought sweeping changes in how well the game performed on most systems, with some estimates putting the FPS rate at double what it would have been before. The engine upgrade is also believed to have helped improve the responsiveness of the physics simulations, and reduce the amount of stuttering that was present in the game before the update is installed. Perhaps one of the best pieces of news is the decrease in time to load different mod files, dramatically reducing how long it takes to swap between workshop content.DLC has been another big focus of the Tabletop Simulator update v12. Firstly the DLC is only downloaded when users buy it, reducing the install size of the base game by 4gb. The DLC also no longer requires users to update the main game, meaning fewer compatibility issues with the various installed mods you might have.

This update also expands on the last update by improving spectator mode. The spectator mode allows people to use a second screen as a spectator's viewport and can be set to several different pre-set camera angles to use when streaming or recording. The spectator mode requires a second monitor to display on but allows users to program in different angles and camera movements to present a much more visually interesting game for a passive audience such as those used in streaming services like YouTube or The new Tabletop Simulator update has made using spectator mode much easier, with support for the different monitor resolution and some more streamlines commands.

The update does bring some minor issues for those using older systems, although the number of people affected by these changes is thought to be minimal. Windows XP will no longer be supported, meaning that users will have to be running Windows 7 or later to be able to run the game. DirectX 9 will also be dropped from official support since less than 0.01% of users have a CPU which can only run DX9 or older.

Tabletop Simulator v12 is in open public beta right now and can be accessed by right-clicking on the game, selecting properties, going to the BETAS tab and selecting the public_beta from the drop-down menu. tabletop simulator beta instructions

What are your thoughts on the latest Tabletop Simulator update? Will you be joining the public beta to try it out? let us know what you think in the comment section. 


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