System Shock: Enhanced Edition Hits GoG

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System Shock: Enhanced Edition Hits GoG

September 22, 2015

By: Alex Santa Maria


In a year when Fallout 4 is set to bring players through hundreds of hours of intimate first person role playing, its a good a time as any to look back on our roots. Going back twenty one years, DOOM was still the gold standard and first person shooters were in their infancy. Two games came out that were ahead of their time in showcasing what games could accomplish from this perspective. For Mac gamers, there was Bungie's Marathon, and for PC, there was System Shock. It may be overshadowed now by its famous sequel, but the original System Shock laid the foundation that would be built upon for years by countless developers. Now, finally, the Looking Glass Studios classic has been updated for modern computers, allowing gamers to rediscover this lost part of our history.

Revived thanks to the amazing work done by Night Dive Studios, the Enhanced Edition of System Shock features modern conveniences such as widescreen resolution support and mouselook. They have also added the ability to rebind keys along with three presets, and they've even gone back into the game and fixed a few bugs that were found in the original release. For those hardened veterans who are unimpressed with modern convenience or nostalgic for the days of the arrow keys controlling your movement, there is also a Classic version of the game included that comes with all the quirks you remember. For $10 at full price over on GoG, you too can experience the first encounter with SHODAN and live to tell the tale.

Have you ever experienced System Shock? Did you jump right in with System Shock 2, or was Bioshock a completely original experience for you? Or maybe you were too busy fragging folks at LAN parties to notice any of them. Let us all know in the comments below!

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