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Published: June 13, 2020 5:53 PM /


the captain is dead

At the Future Games Show, The Captain is Dead, developed by Thunderbox Entertainment, was shown off. It's a digital board game that they describe as playing "the last 10 minutes of your favorite sci-fi TV show." 

The Captain is Dead, the digital one, is not just a digital version of the board game. It is based on the board game The Captain is Dead but made into its own game. So, unlike many digital board games, it will be a whole new twist on the board game many have come to love.

In The Captain is Dead, well, the captain is dead and everything has gone to hell. Your ship is infested by aliens, and you have to fend them off while making sure the ship doesn't fall apart. You manage the ship's crew, from the Chief Engineer all the way down to the janitor. If you're going to survive, everyone has a role to play.

Each crew member has their own abilities, making them more suitable to the various tasks you'll need to accomplish to succeed. If you do keep all the systems in order, and fend off the hostile aliens, you'll escape and jump to hyperspace to live another day. The captain, of course, will not be living to fight another day.

Fighting another day is not the end, either. You'll have new locales to explore and civilizations to learn about. So, if just living isn't enough of an incentive, then maybe seeing some new and weird stuff will do it for you.

The Captain is Dead is meant to be a frantic experience that will constantly keep you on your toes. I bet if you can imagine a ship falling apart and full of aliens trying to kill you, you'd probably be imagining something that is pretty hectic. 

The Captain is Dead is coming to PC, Mac, and mobile sometime this year.

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