Supraland Devs Call DLC "Terrible Business Model", Announce Supraland Six Inches Under

Published: December 24, 2020 10:50 AM /


A scene in Red Town in Supraland

Supraland developer Supra Games has announced a brand new game in the series. Supraland Six Inches Under began life as DLC, but the devs say that substantial DLC is a "terrible business model", which is why the new game is a standalone effort.

What is Supraland Six Inches Under?

This news comes via a developer post on the official Supraland Steam community. After the release of initial DLC pack Crash - which Supra Games called "experimental", but "problematic" - the developer noticed that "in general people are not very interested in DLCs". With that in mind, Supra Games decided to release Six Inches Under, the intended second DLC pack for Supraland, as a standalone title. According to Supra Games, it's effectively "Supraland 1.5"; the devs say that "significantly more effort" went into Supraland Six Inches Under than into the main game.

We don't know too much about what's in Six Inches Under other than that it'll play similarly to the original game. Supra Games says that where Crash was designed for people who had finished SupralandSix Inches Under will be accessible for everyone, regardless of whether they've played the first game. The devs are targeting a Steam Early Access release for the new game in Q1 2021, with a full release in the second quarter of the year. However, Supra Games is "not setting deadlines for the team and [doesn't] want anyone to crunch".

Is a Supraland sequel on the way?

According to Supra Games, a tentative full sequel is "in preproduction" and will feature an entirely new set of skills and abilities. However, Supra Games doesn't intend to start work on this project in earnest until Six Inches Under has been released. Supraland 2 will feature more cohesive aesthetics than the original and will have more opportunities for "legit sequence breaking", unlike the first title which was effectively linear.

Two characters just hanging out in Supraland
Unlike the original, Supraland 2 will feature more opportunities for sequence-breaking.

It's worth having a look at the full Steam post if you want to know more about the development process of Supraland and read a postmortem of its first DLC pack. We'll have to wait a few months for Supraland Six Inches Under, but until then, you can grab the original on sale right now via Steam.

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