Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Could Be Getting A Stage Builder Mode

Published: April 11, 2019 10:40 AM /


super smash bros. ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could be getting a Stage Builder function. Such a function would, believe it or not, allow players to construct their own stages. A new Nintendo trailer featuring the game accidentally gives the feature away by including it in one of the game's menus.

The trailer is entitled "Nintendo Switch My Way - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" and depicts a group of friends playing the game together. The Stage Builder menu option is visible within the first second of the trailer. It's super-blurry, and if you blink you'll miss it, but it's definitely there. The icon for the menu option clearly depicts a landmass, and the words "Stage Builder" are pretty clearly visible.

stage builder super smash bros. ultimate

The trailer appears to depict a build of the game that hasn't yet been made public. Could Super Smash Bros. Ultimate be about to get its own Stage Builder function? We're not yet sure whether Nintendo meant for this to happen or whether it was an honest mistake. It seems like an odd thing to overlook, but it's equally odd for Nintendo to mock up a menu and include a feature this specific.

The two previous installments in the Super Smash Bros. series, Brawl and, uh, for Wii U and 3DS, both featured Stage Builder modes. With that in mind, a Stage Builder for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would make perfect sense. Assuming this is legit, there's still plenty we don't know about it. How deep is the customization? Will this be a Super Mario Maker-style bonanza full of interactive objects and hazards? Will it be a bare-bones concession thrown out to the create-your-own crowd? Obviously, we're hoping for the former. While we wait for an official Nintendo announcement on this, why not check out TechRaptor's review of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? You can also watch the full trailer below and see if you can spot the Stage Builder:

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