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Super Smash Bros. Huge Character Glitch

September 29, 2014 10:28 PM

By: Josh Hatchett


Screenshot of the Glitch in Action!

Considered one of the funniest discoveries this week in news, a Japanese Youtube Channel (only translated to Smash Bros.) posted a video where Yoshi grows to tremendous size as the battle continues. The method used for the glitch to occur appears to be swallowing the enemy as Yoshi and spitting them out as an egg, making them grow larger and larger each time. The enemy Yoshi grows so large near the end of the video that only his orange boots are visible on the screen and yet normal-sized Yoshi is still able to swallow Mega Yoshi whole. This results in a ginormous egg, which makes the video even more hilarious!





Already there have been reports of this glitch occurring on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan and not with just Yoshi. The Youtube channel also tweeted an image of Greninja blown up on the screen using the same method as in the video. Given the recentness of these reports, it’s uncertain on when Nintendo will be releasing a patch to fix this glitch or how big of a problem it actually is. However, I’d be satisfied if they just announced the abnormality as an Easter Egg within Super Smash Bros.-get it?!



Greninja Suffers from Character Blowup Glitch too!

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