Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS has an odd tomato glitch

Published: February 4, 2015 10:46 PM /


Pac Man Smash

In what is apparently an odd glitch discovered by user Leron Tolmachev in Super Smash Bros. any item spawned in during any mode will cause Pac-Man to wear or use a tomato for any sort of item. The video below shows off some of the oddities to said glitch.

Would you like a tomato that fires tomatoes? Or how about a tomato shield? That rocket of Olimar is now a tomato! Yes you are seeing it correctly, everything becomes a tomato with this latest patch. Pac-Man even pulls out items that also turn into a tomato. The only thing the causes the most issues is the assist trophy in which it causes the 3DS XL to crash to the home screen.

The video below does show off the glitch and an explanation of how the glitch is worked out. The odd thing about it is that it does only happen for the old 3DS XL with the 1.0.4 patch installed and other systems haven't been affected so far.

This thread here seems to show more people have taken notice to it also. It seems like it isn't limited to just Pac-Man. Other characters include Peach, Koopa Kids, Wario and others.

As stated by Leron:

This issue is currently occurring on my girlfriend's 3DS XL. I have tried her copy of Smash Bros. in my 2DS, and it works fine, I've tried my copy of Smash Bros. in her 3DS and the issue only occurs on her 3DS XL with the 1.0.4 patch installed. If we uninstall the patch, the issue goes away, but reinstalling the patch causes the issue to return. I've factory reset the 3DS XL and formatted the SD card, but the issue persists.



Have you seen this bug yourself? Have you seen any other bugs? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We want your feedback on this odd glitch for Super Smash Bros.


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